Guess How Many Hours Barry Has Spent Discussing Afghanistan

I usually do not like posting two straight “smack Obama” stories back to back, but, this should give you a good view of where his priorities lie. From October 30th press conference with Stuttering Gibbs

Q What exactly has the President taken away from all these meetings that he’s had? This is the seventh one he’s had, today. If you could shed some light on what he’s — how he’s processing this, how he’s keeping this — what does he talk with his other advisors about after he comes out of these meetings? And ultimately, have you decided — and how will you have him explain this to the American people?

MR. GIBBS: Let me take the second one. We have not, in all honestly, had extensive conversations about that yet. I do believe, without getting into specifics, I think the President strongly believes that it’s important for the American people and for the international community to know his reasoning behind whatever decision he makes, and to clearly explain our goals and objectives in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, and the region as a whole.

So I anticipate that whatever form it ultimately takes, the President will use the occasion to explain some of that to the American people so that they understand his decision-making and his thought process.

In terms —

Q A TV address or something, to the nation?

MR. GIBBS: Again, we haven’t gotten into broad specifics on that yet.

On the first part, Jeff, you know, look, I think — I don’t — I used to have it calculated, I should just go back and do it, the number of hours that he has spent in these meetings is probably now — well, at the end of today will probably be getting close to 20 direct hours of his time. The group — the principals that meet with the President additionally take time to get the material ready, and are prepared to answer questions for the President, probably at least twice as much of that of the President’s time the principals have spent.

He’s been president since January. Over 6,700 hours. And, as of October 20th, not even 20 hours spent discussing Afghanistan? Someone should ask Gibbs how many hours Obama has spent campaigning since his Coronation.

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