Houthi rebels seize US vehicles after Yemen embassy closes and evacuates

Well done, Obama. He has in essence gifted Yemen to Iran and what’s more, he knows it. He even let them have our vehicles and small arms, forcing the Marines to hand them over to government officials before boarding a flight. Let’s see… you’ve taken Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and Israel and betrayed every one of them. They were each our ally, but no more. Jordan, Egypt and Israel just formed an alliance, knowing they can no longer count on the US for help. We’re too busy being lap dogs for Iran and hearting the Caliphate, even though they supposedly oppose each other. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. Obama’s biggest enemy is America on multiple fronts. He just handed a major victory to the Houthi rebels and Iran.

From Fox News:

Armed rebels in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa seized U.S. embassy vehicles Wednesday after diplomats fled the country over growing unrest.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren confirmed that the vehicles were taken by Houthi rebels after embassy personnel and U.S. Marines guarding the embassy evacuated.

Warren said the Marines turned over their small arms to government officials before boarding a commercial flight from Sanaa.

Marines “destroyed the larger weapons” before leaving Yemen Tuesday, Warren said.

Members of the embassy staff told Reuters that more than 20 vehicles were taken by the rebels after the Americans left Sanaa’s airport.

Late Tuesday, the State Department announced that the U.S. Embassy in Yemen had been closed and evacuated after much of the country was taken over by Shiite rebels last month.

Hours later, Britain and France followed suit and ordered their citizens to leave Yemen as soon as possible.

The U.S. embassy had already been operating with severely reduced staff for several weeks. State Department spokesman Jen Psaki said remaining diplomatic personnel had been relocated “due to the ongoing political instability and the uncertain security situation.”

Yemen has been in crisis for months, with Houthi rebels besieging the capital and then taking control and forcing the resignation of the U.S. and Saudi-backed president and his government.

“The security situation in Yemen has continued to deteriorate over recent days,” U.K. Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood said in a statement. “Regrettably we now judge that our embassy staff and premises are at increased risk.” Ellwood also urged all British citizens still in Yemen to “leave immediately.”

In a statement on its website, the French Embassy said it would close as of Friday.

The embassy closures were announced as Houthi rebels, armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and dressed in police uniforms and civilian clothes, patrolled the main boulevards of the capital, Sanaa, some in pickup trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns.

Scattered protests could be seen in the city, with demonstrators denouncing the Houthis for taking power and dissolving parliament. Shops closed early and helicopters also hovered overhead.

Houthis attacked one demonstration, stabbing and beating protesters trying to reach the local United Nations office, witnesses said. The rebels detained a number of people as well, they said.

Earlier Tuesday, U.S. officials told the Associated Press that the embassy closure would not affect ongoing operations against the terror group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

“The United States remains firmly committed to supporting all Yemenis who continue to work toward a peaceful, prosperous and unified Yemen,” Psaki said. “We will explore options for a return to Sanaa when the situation on the ground improves.”

A group of Islamist fighters in Yemen renounced their loyalty to Al Qaeda’s leader and pledged allegiance to ISIS, Reuters reported Wednesday, citing a Twitter message retrieved by U.S.-based monitoring group SITE.

“We announce breaking the pledge of allegiance to the sheikh, the holy warrior and scholar Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri … We pledge to the caliph of the believers Ibrahim bin Awad al-Baghdadi to listen and obey,” they reportedly said.

The State Department issued a travel warning advising U.S. citizens to defer travel to Yemen and urging U.S. citizens currently living in Yemen to depart.

The fall of Yemen was a fait accompli. Just like Libya falling. It’s all part of a bigger agenda – a much more complex game. In that game, Obama’s loyalties lie with Islam. His biggest gift to them will be the destruction of the US and he’s working hard at it. So, we evacuate the embassy in Yemen and Iran’s rebels set up shop there. Next on Obama’s to do list is to ensure Iran goes nuclear. What was it he said yesterday with Merkel?

And if in fact what they claim is true, which is they have no aspiration to get a nuclear weapon, that in fact, according to their Supreme Leader, it would be contrary to their faith to obtain a nuclear weapon, if that is true, there should be the possibility of getting a deal. They should be able to get to yes. But we don’t know if that’s going to happen.

No nukes here in Iran… no way! They are toasters, I tell ya. Toasters. Right.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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