Jihadis Killed in Clash With IDF Near Gaza

I hate to interrupt our Memorial Day observations, but this news story is too immediate to ignore.

The Old Media is already misreporting the bloody incident off the Gaza coast between a flotilla of Muslim “peace activists” and the Israeli Defense Force. They are, of course, making Israel out to be the bad guys and while it is regrettable that anyone had to get killed in this incident, the fault lies with the armed “peace activists,” not Israel.

That’s right, these are supposed to be peace activists, yet they had armed themselves with bats, metal bars, and slingshots with marbles as projectiles and later firearms that they had hidden on their craft. Why isn’t anyone in the Old Media asking why peace activists are arming themselves?

In fact, the first Israeli troops that boarded the flotilla were only using non-lethal weapons — paintball guns — but this did not stop the Muslims from assaulting the troops with the metal bars, bats and slingshots. The troops did have handguns, but it is reported that as they boarded they were yelling to each other “don’t shoot, don’t shoot.” It is clear that they intended to turn the boats around with as minimal force as possible.

The Muslims had other ideas as they swarmed the first troops giving vicious physical blows. One soldier was thrown from the top deck 30 feet to a lower deck causing severe injuries.

After being physically attacked for some minutes the troops were finally given the go-ahead to use live fire. Firing at the legs of their assailants so as not to kill, the troops opened fire. It was then that the so-called “peace activists” broke out their own firearms and began shooting back and the melee became general.

Some peace activists, eh?

In fact, they aren’t “peace activists” at all. One of the groups involved in this flotilla of boats bringing supplies to Hamas is the Turkey-based IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi, IHH, “humanitarian relief fund”).

According to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center website, the IHH has been known to provide logistical support and funding to global jihad networks and is closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’ parent movement.

Because of its funding support of jihad and Hamas, Israel outlawed IHH in 2008.

And these are the people involved in this flotilla of boats attempting to run the blockade that Israel has put around Gaza to prevent money and weapons from getting into the Palestinian Authority and into the hands of the terror group Hammas.

So, while it was regrettable that anyone had to get killed, one wonders why “peace activists” were so heavily armed, were so immediately violent, and have supported terrorism in the past?

I find no fault with Israel here. This is the fault of violent, radical, IslamoNazi terrorists.

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