Left-Wing Prof Uses State Funded University To Launch Attack on U.S.

Every once in a while I like to blow off some steam and deliver a good rant. So get ready for my rant du jour…

It’s like a bad parody of the worst propensity of the American professoriate to be, well, as un-American as one can get. But here we have another prosaic example of yet another half-wit, left-wing professor — this one a prof of “international law” — using his perch in a state sponsored school, with his taxpayer’s supported (and obviously undeserved) salary to help foreigners launch an attack on his own county… if this particular pinko even bothers to claim he IS a U.S. citizen, that is. With these university pinheads it isn’t a safe bet to assume that they even consider themselves Americans.

Anyway, this particular pointy-headed geek is named Francis A. Boyle (no not boil, that is only what he is, not what he’s named) and he is a professor of International Law at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Mr. Boil… uh, I mean Boyle… has filed with the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands, a “complaint” against George W. Bush and his whole administration. What is this little complaint whining about? Two guesses and the first one doesn’t count.

Yeah, you guessed correctly. This commie prof is trying to get Bush, et al, brought up on faux war crimes charges. Get a load of this child’s ranting.

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t shouldn’t be surprising, though, This crank is one of those nuts that is a perennial at all sorts of fringe conferences and is a wild-eyed supporter of all sorts of extremely odd ideas. He is a typical Jew hater of wacko pedigree, a “Palestinian” and Iranian terror supporter, and has for years been the shrill voice of Hawaiian “independence.” About the only thing I’ve ever seen him advocate for that is remotely sensible is his contention that Amnesty International as a publicity hog that cares more about raking in money than it does in promoting anyone’s human rights. But this guy is such a wackjob that I’d question that the sky is blue were he to say it is.

But as to his latest carnival sideshow act, I have to say it is so quaint that this “professor” has cloaked his anti-Americanism in the language of the law. He’s filing a “complaint,” with the so-called International “Criminal Court.” It is so cute that they are all pretending that this is a real court and not a kangaroo court created solely with the goal of attacking the U.S.A. It’s so precious that they’ve glommed onto real terms of the law in order to try and give their silly, faux legal game some sort of legitimacy. It is guffaw worthy that they are pretending to be seriously interested in a real rule of law. Bless their tiny little hearts, but it is a hoot that they are pretending that they are acting in the best interests of peace and the law.

Me, I got your “international law” right here, buddy. I will deign to follow any sort of “international law” when the rest of the world decides to do so first instead of just mealy mouthing the claim but otherwise carrying on with their own interests, business-as-usual wise. Until then, Professor Pustulated Boils, please do take your anti-American diatribe and stick in your taxpayer supported rear-end.

Now, here is another question I have… is it right and good that we have taxpayer’s money paying this twit for his garbage done on state time, using state funds, in a state facility? Should we not have a say in what this twit does with our tax money?

If this pinko creep wants to waste his obviously ample time on such stupidity as this effort proves to be, let him do so on his own time and without the imprimatur of our state sponsored university attached to it as if it were a blanket substantiation of his actions.

I, for one, would rather see The Hague burned to the ground before any American appears there as an accused criminal. I wouldn’t even hand over Tim McVeigh or Charles Manson to these commie bastards in Europe. Who the hell do they think they are to judge an American?

If we have a citizen that needs disciplining, WE should be the ones to punish him.

Wait… maybe I would turn over at least one idiot to the Euro trash he so loves. Consider this a call to Benedict Boils to move to Europe where he belongs. Take a hike Boil. Go be a boil on Europe’s bum, not ours. He’s one boil I’d love to see lanced.

Take your fake, self-flagellating, warped sense of “law” and shove it, prof. We don’t need traitors like you here.

Proving that all change is necessarily good, if this were the 1800s, this freak would rightly be institutionalized as a menace to those around him. Since he lives in our century, though, we make him a teacher of our children. So much for “progress.”

…end rant.

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