Mid-East Double Shot: Israeli Tells Obama “NO!”/Mystery Rockets

Yet again, Obama has failed on the world stage. Copenhagen, Chicago Olympics, his Iran policy (let’s be honest, everyone has failed), despised by the British press, annoyed a large number of leaders in American ally nations……and now Israel has said no. Again

Aides to Israel’s prime minister said Thursday that he has officially rejected President Barack Obama’s demand to suspend all construction in contested east Jerusalem, a move that threatens to entrench a year-old deadlock in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.

The aides said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his government’s position to Obama over the weekend, ahead of the scheduled arrival later Thursday of the U.S. president’s special Mideast envoy, George Mitchell. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the contact between the two leaders was private.

Remember when Democrats demanded that the US stop meddling in the affairs of other nations? Say, I wonder why Obama doesn’t demand that Islamists stop their use of suicide bombers, going after Israeli civilians, calls for the destruction of Israel, and lobbing rockets, which are apparently a big mystery: Mystery rocket explodes in Jordan

A rocket has exploded near the southern Jordanian city of Aqaba, damaging a warehouse but causing no casualties.

It was one of two fired early on Thursday morning which landed in Jordanian territory – the other fell harmlessly into the sea.

There are conflicting reports as to where the rockets were launched.

Israeli military sources say they came from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, but both Egyptian and Jordanian officials denied they were fired from their countries.

Israeli media reports say that the rockets were aimed at the Israeli town of Eilat.

According to an unnamed Jordanian security official, both were Katyusha rockets.

I’m not sure what the big mystery is to the Jew haters at the BBC. Apparently, they are unable to put 1 and 1 together and come up with “Islamists”, who are the ones who use Katyusha rockets. Perhaps Barry could pull out Secretary Teleprompter and give them a good talking too. On second thought, no, since it would probably turn into an anti-Israeli screed.

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