Muslim Outreach in the Great White North

When self-styled “Soldier of Allah” Nidal Hasan killed 14 Americans at Fort Hood, that was trivialized as “workplace violence.” When Alton Nolen (a.k.a. “Jah’Keem Yisrael”) cut off an infidel coworker’s head in accordance with Islamic practice, that was dismissed as workplace violence too. No doubt the Obama Regime would call this “road rage”:

One of two Canadian soldiers run down by a car driven by a suspected Islamic militant has died, police said Tuesday, the first such incident in Canada since the country joined the fight against Islamic State militants.

A police spokesman said the soldier died late Monday. His name, age and rank were not released. The soldier was one of two walking near a Quebec strip mall when they were run down by the car Monday morning.

Quebec police said the 25-year-old driver was shot and killed after a chase following the incident in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, around 25 miles southeast of Montreal.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office said the man was known to federal authorities, and that there were clear indications he had become “radicalized.” The government has used the term to refer to Canadians who support militant Islamic groups.

Canadian media, citing police sources, identified the driver as Martin Couture-Rouleau, a resident of the Quebec town, and said he had a Facebook page under the name Ahmad Rouleau.

It seems Canadians are not straining their brains very hard to come up with a motive. Political correctness must be less advanced up there.

Chances are high a similar motive will be found for today’s incident in Ottawa:

Multiple gunmen opened fire at the Canadian Parliament complex, shooting at least one soldier and spraying as many as 30 shots inside the government building just two days after a terror attack in Quebec shook the nation, officials said.

The shots rang out just before 10 a.m., and were quickly followed by reports of “several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa,” according to a tweet from police. The shooting at the government complex came after witnesses said they saw one and possibly two men jump out of a Toyota Corolla and run toward the National War Memorial, where one man opened fire on a soldier, officials told the Ottawa Sun. The gunmen then ran to the Parliament building, where witnesses later said they saw one man – possibly a gunman, down near the library. Bernard Trottier, a Toronto-area MP, tweeted that the gunman inside Centre Block “has been shot and killed.” The other was reportedly being sought.

We’ll see how many have to die before steps are taken to curtail the spread of Islam.

Driven in the name of the Religion of Peace.

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