NY City Board Votes In Favor Of Mosque Near WTC Site

All I have to say is, this is very disappointing. Oh, and despicable

After a raucous hearing, a Manhattan community board backed a proposal on Tuesday evening to build a Muslim community center near the World Trade Center.

The 29-to-1 vote, with 10 abstentions, followed a four-hour back-and-forth between those who said the community center would be a monument to tolerance and those who believed it would be an affront to victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The board’s vote was advisory – it did not have the power to scrap plans for a center – but it was seen as an important barometer of community sentiment.

Yes, there are mosques all over the country. Most of them are for good folks. And many teach the harsh version of Islam, the one where the infidel is to be killed and women are to be treated as property. No one knows where the money for this “community center” is coming from. Quite a bit is from overseas. What do they believe?

C. Lee Hanson, 77, whose son Peter was killed in the attacks, said he opposed the center not because he was intolerant, but because he believed that building a tribute to Islam so close to the World Trade Center would be insensitive.

Obviously, the people building the center could care less. Personally, I could care less about being called intolerant, when it comes to building a religious center near the site where Islamists killed 2,996 of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. It’s disgusting. Perhaps the people pushing for this center should think about being sensitive themselves.

Jean Grillo, 65, a writer from TriBeCa, said shutting out any faith undermined American values. “What better place to teach tolerance than at the very area where hate tried to kill tolerance?” she said.

Tell you what, Jean: when the RoP starts showing a bit of tolerance, we might consider it. Why not ask them about building a Christian church in the Middle East, and see how that goes?

Fortunately, this still must pass a vote by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, seeing a vote perhaps by July. Let’s hope there aren’t enough left wing wankers on that board to allow this project to go forward.

Pam Gellar (Atlas Shrugs) was there and spoke. Check it out.

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