Obama Says He’s Personally Going To Destroy ISIS

Because that’s the kind of guy he is, per reports from the AP and Reuters (note: I had to flip between multiple reports to dig into the whole story of his remarks)

(Haaretz) U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday said the United States and its allies would not relent in its fight to combat Islamic State extremists and would hunt down their leaders and cut off the group’s financing.

“Destroying (Islamic State) is not only a realistic goal, were going to get it done,” he told a news conference after a meeting of Asian leaders in Malaysia.

“We will destroy them. We will take back land they are currently in, take out their financing, hunt down leadership, dismantle their networks, supply lines and we will destroy them.”

Oh, wait, sorry, it seems like Obama is going to outsource everything to other nations rather than showing the leadership that the United States was known for. Perhaps that is why he blocks 75% of the air strikes against ISIS?

Obama also said that Russia needs to make a strategic decision to go after the Islamic State group, not the moderate opposition forces trying to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. He says initial military operations by Russia did not add to efforts to deter ISIS, and in some ways, strengthened it.

Sadly, this is all just typical Obama yammering. Rarely does he ever follow through with action that makes any difference. In context, his entire comment about defeating ISIS is without leadership, putting it in terms of a collective effort for which there really isn’t a collective.

(NBC News) “The most powerful tool that we have to fight ISIL is to say that we’re not afraid,” Obama said, using another name for ISIS. “They’re a bunch of killers with good social media.”

Really? This is the kind of flippant, foolish comment that highlights his un-serious nature on the subject. Anyone who needs an explanation as to why has been brainwashed into the Cult of Obama.

(ABC News) The president also decried news headlines that sought to label the recently-deceased ringleader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, as a “mastermind.”

“He’s not a mastermind,” Obama said. “He found a few other vicious people, got [his] hands on some fairly conventional weapons, and sadly, it turns out if you’re willing to die, you can kill a lot of people.”

More flippancy. Perhaps that’s why he’s cratering in the polls

(CNN) Still, such gains appear to have been largely overshadowed by the horrors brought to Paris. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds 57% of Americans disapprove of the president’s strategy for defeating ISIS. Only 35% approve.

David Gergen, a CNN political analyst who has advised both Republican and Democratic presidents, argued Obama will have a difficult time persuading Americans to show compassion when they fear that he lacks the resolve to destroy ISIS.

“The truth is that we don’t have a strategy. No one understands what he wants in an end game or how he plans to get there,” said Gergen, a professor at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

As Allahpundit noted “Having no strategy on Syria or ISIS and sounding like you’re on your “man period” at press conferences when pressed on that fact can do that to you.” The sad truth is that Obama provides no strategy, what little he’s doing is having mixed results, he gets snippy when questioned, he shows more passion in demonizing domestic political opponents than people who saw off heads, creates strawman, and refuses to listen to the American People who are very concerned over bringing in Syrian refugees.

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