Regime Changing

Perhaps the most charming charm Great Satan has exhibited (aside from angling her body diplopolitaire’ to create other angles) is the killer cool heap of trashed out despots, dicts and autocrats she’s tossed on the junk heap since the new millennium broke unto us.

The guy with one eye (hot rumours whisper he’s a moped enthusiast) Mullah Omar, that S’Ddam cat, President General for Life Pervez, and now Colonel Khadaffy. Not counting cats in Pyramidland or the Tunisian Squeeze.

Let’s just cut right to it, shall we?

Libyarvention made a great deal of sense in the short and long runs. In the short run, we have rid the world of another awful dictator. We’ve removed Mullah Omar, Saddam Hussein, and now Qaddafi – that is without a doubt, a great benefit to Great Satan and the world. We should have done more to push out the dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, and we should be doing a lot more to remove one of the real cancers in the Middle East, Assad in Syria. We will be advancing our interests by simply getting rid of these dictators.: 

In the longer term, regime change in these places will do a lot to change the conditions that have allowed extremist “Slamic j!hadism:  to flourish. The Arab Spring may have been a knock-down blow to al-Qaeda, which is becoming irrelevant in its political appeal now that young Arabs can redirect their valid frustrations on their own regimes in a productive way.

And in the longest term, there is hope for democracies in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria, but I realize how difficult it is and how long it will take, and Great Satan shouldn’t be pushing to turn all of these countries into little Jeffersonian Virginia’s. Yet if made into democracies, the benefits for our nat’l security could be enormous, beyond even draining the swamp that birthed al-Qaeda and radical “Slamic terrorism. There is one empirical truth about internat’l relations over the last two centuries, and that is that democracies do not attack each other.: 

Political scientists themselves cannot agree on why, but if we can convert our former enemies into democracies, as we did after World War II, it would make those nations at least no longer hostile to, if not outright friends of, Great Satan.

Direct hit! Fire For Effect!

Democracy is possible in the ME, Courtney – and even if true democracy fails, we will still be partially successful if Great Satan and her allies can create governments that are less oppressive. Such govs are unlikely to harbor terrorists and eliminating terrorism is Great Satan”s principle gig.

And now looks like Dr General President For Life Bashar Bay Bee in Syria may or may not get ye olde heave ho.: : 

Not to put too fine a point on it,:  there are certain truths about even fooling about with despotries – as if they are just like SoKo, Canada or Alabama.: : 

L’stache’ grand:

First, 44 erred badly in consistently believing that Assad or his regime had any potential for true reform. Since Assad took office in 2000 upon his father’s death (in lieu of his elder brother), the regime’s continued its domestic repression, its support for internat’l terrorism, its pursuit of new clear, biological and chemical weapons and its increasing dominance by Iran.

The inescapable conclusion from this massive record of malevolence is that Bashar was either fully complicit, or utterly ineffective in stopping it. Persistent, willful blindness to this reality has been central to Great Satan”s feckless Syria policy.

Second, 44 should have declared regime change to be its goal in Syria long ago, not just when protests finally erupted. 43 gave Damascus a chance after the overthrow of S”Ddam Hussein to renounce terrorism, give up weapons of mass destruction and make peace with Little Satan. “Bashar Bay bee”, as you so aptly put it, chose to do nothing.

From that moment, we should have pursued regime change Courtney, aiding legit opposition groups and thereby empowering responsible Syrian believers in a free and open society. Instead, we face an environment today where radical “Slamists are potential successors to the Ba’athists.

Tyrannies – Holy, royal or secular killed more of their own citizens than foreigners. Despots caused the refugee flows; dictators caused the poverty; any prob found in 20th century is correctly and sweetly attributed to control freaks, autocrats and VIP’s in Hell, jail or exile.

Pic – “Every threat to internat’l order after the Cold War involved a gov that fell short of Western and economic standards. Every security problem that Great Satan felt called upon to address would be alleviated, if not solved altogether, if the regimes responsible for them could be remade”

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