Shocker! 9/11 Terrorists To Hold Forth On The Evils Of America

None of us saw this coming when Holder announced that KSM and the other 9/11 jihadis would get trials in civilian court in New York City just blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood, eh?

The five men facing trial in the Sept. 11 attacks will plead not guilty so that they can air their criticisms of U.S. foreign policy, the lawyer for one of the defendants said Sunday.

Seriously, anyone with an IQ about 40 could have seen that this would happen. What’s Obama and Holder’s excuse? Or do they want the Islamic terrorists to view their criticisms? We know the hard Left tends to hate America and blames the U.S.A. for the world’s ills.

I’m betting Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as those who worked in their administration aren’t real pleased. Guess who is going to get a bucketful of the blame?

Scott Fenstermaker, the lawyer for accused terrorist Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, said the men would not deny their role in the 2001 attacks but “would explain what happened and why they did it.”

So, they are going to plead not guilty, but, here we have their lawyer saying “they say they did it”? Well, they did already try and plead guilty to a military commission, but pulled those pleas back when they realized they wouldn’t get their soap boxes. Fortunately, there was Obama and Holder to provide them with cargo containers to stand on and hold forth.

Dean Boyd, a spokesman for the Department of Justice, said Sunday that while the men may attempt to use the trial to express their views, “we have full confidence in the ability of the courts and in particular the federal judge who may preside over the trial to ensure that the proceeding is conducted appropriately and with minimal disrupton, as federal courts have done in the past.”

For Obama and Holder’s sake, Boyd better be right. I doubt that the American people, excepting those on the Hard Left, will enjoy or appreciate what the terrorists will have to say, and there will be some nastiness heading Obama and Holder’s way.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove

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