Surprise: ISIS Quickly Becoming An Actual “State”

Remember when many told us that ISIS was not a state? We heard from folks like Hillary Clinton, the UK Guardian, and John Kerry. Heck, Kerry said it again less less than 20 days ago. Now we get

ISIS Transforming Into Functioning State That Uses Terror as Tool

The Islamic State uses terror to force obedience and frighten enemies. It has seized territory, destroyed antiquities, slaughtered minorities, forced women into sexual slavery and turned children into killers.

But its officials are apparently resistant to bribes, and in that way, at least, it has outdone the corrupt Syrian and Iraqi governments it routed, residents and experts say.

“You can travel from Raqqa to Mosul and no one will dare to stop you even if you carry $1 million,” said Bilal, who lives in Raqqa, the Islamic State’s de facto capital in Syria, and insisted out of fear on being identified only by his first name. “No one would dare to take even one dollar.”

Seriously? This is the way the NY Times article starts?

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh, initially functioned solely as a terrorist organization, if one more coldblooded even than Al Qaeda. Then it went on to seize land. But increasingly, as it holds that territory and builds capacity to govern, the group is transforming into a functioning state that uses extreme violence — terror — as a tool. That distinction is proving to be more than a matter of perspective for those who live under the Islamic State, which has provided relative stability in a region troubled by war and chaos while filling a vacuum left by failing and corrupt governments that also employed violence — arrest, torture and detention.

It’s almost like the NY Times writers like this type of state.

While no one is predicting that the Islamic State will become steward of an accountable, functioning state anytime soon, the group is putting in place the kinds of measures associated with governance: issuing identification cards for residents, promulgating fishing guidelines to preserve stocks, requiring that cars carry tool kits for emergencies.

The forgot to mention “throwing gays off rooftops”. Of course, to acknowledge that fact is to acknowledge the threat from hardcore Islam.

They, at this time, have no viable economy. But, still, the article softly goes on to question the military fight against ISIS, wondering if there should be some sort of political solution. Because, ya know, sometimes Evil does win.

What isn’t really acknowledged is that this is all based on a hardcore interpretation of the Koran, of Islam, and that ISIS will never be satisfied until there is an established Caliphate running across the Middle East, Europe, and northern Africa, if not the entire world.

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