Sweet! Terrorist Profiling Is All Of A Sudden Good!

Let’s give a round of applause to the Obama administration for this one

Travelers flying into the United States will be subject to selective screening based in part on whether they exhibit characteristics of suspected terrorists while travelers from more than a dozen flagged countries will no longer automatically be pulled aside, under new security changes being announced Friday.

The Department of Homeland Security is adding the new layer of security measures in the wake of the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Detroit-bound flight.

Travelers from 14 countries that have been home to terrorists will no longer automatically face extra screening before they fly to the U.S. — a policy enacted temporarily after the failed attack.

Instead, the enhanced measures could apply to any passenger traveling by air to the United States but would not target everyone.

That sounds, my goodness, like profiling! Which is a good thing, at least from the Right side of politics. It’s nice to be able to give Barry a “virtual” pat on the back and say “good, job, Sparky!”

Of course, it does beg the question “will the screeners still search the wrong people, such as Grandma Wendy with underwire bra to hold up her 44D’s, as will as little Timmy, all of 5 years old?”

Oh, and a second question: “how soon does the ACLU and other leftists (Glenn Greenwald and Excitable Andrew Sullivan come to mind) freak out over this change?”

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