Taliban Runs With Democrats’ Phony “Torture” Report

Dianne Feinstein’s bogus “torture” report may not have gone far enough in its condemnation of America to please the liberal thought-shapers at Salon, but the Taliban, who as Islamic terrorists will be among its beneficiaries, seem quite pleased:

The Taliban has called for an international investigation into the human rights standards of the United States after the Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats released a lengthy report criticizing enhanced interrogation techniques used in the war on terror.

Under Taliban rule, Afghans were subject to public floggings or executions for “violations” such as women wearing nail polish or exposing any skin, or both teachers and students trying to learn in underground schools. Women had zero rights and weren’t allowed to leave their homes except with a male relative. Nowadays, the Taliban commits acts of violence against activist or working women, and the Pakistani Taliban shot Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai in 2012 while she was going to school.

But according to our ruling class, all of that pales in comparison to KSM getting water poured on his face.

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Sounding like a New York Times editorial, a Taliban statement chastises the Great Satan:

“…Unfortunately America’s intelligence violations continue unabated to this day. Even today America and its intelligence arms continue to operate black prisons throughout their main centers in Afghanistan. These operatives continue to violate the basic rights of ordinary citizens, they carry out night raids on civilian homes, women and children are regularly held without charges, subject them to degrading treatment, carry out indiscriminate bombings, and subject ordinary Afghans to all forms of inhumane treatment.”

Great tip. I’m sure DiFi will get right on it.

The Taliban claimed the U.S. has “planted chosen individuals inside Afghanistan’s intelligence agencies as well as the local police and warlords and use these individuals to commit unspoken barbarities including kidnappings, rape and torture.”

Now they are starting to sound like John Kerry.

The terrorists smugly drone on:

“We call on the international community as well as those international organizations that call themselves champions of human rights, to examine America’s ongoing policy in light of these human rights standards. These human rights abuses, especially violations of international humanitarian laws, continue to be committed by American installed agents in the Kabul regime. If these human rights organizations fail to stop these abuses [yap yap yap yap].”

In related news, the Taliban just attacked a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing 141 people, 132 of whom were children. Maybe Senate Democrats will find that worthy of a scathing report too, but I doubt it. Maybe Obama will stop releasing top Taliban commanders from Club Gitmo for a while, but I doubt that too.

Democrats’ darlings’ handiwork in Peshawar.

On a tip from Petterssonp. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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