The Degenerate Masters Of Neutrality Vs. Americans Over Bin Laden’s Death

Proving you’ll die if you kill Americans is a hell of a lot more important than proving we’re more moral than our enemies. Some people still don’t get that and probably never will.

Some are questioning whether “justice” in fact was done, as President Obama portrayed the killing, and whether the American troops made any effort to capture Bin Laden alive or whether they simply executed him. And some think that the scenes of celebrating Americans – whether at the White House or at ground zero – are inappropriate responses that are indecorous at the least and at worst could incite more terrorism.

The disquiet is mostly among those on the left and among the elite in the news media, but it is reminiscent of the atmosphere during the Bush administration and the war against Iraq, when the United States was criticized for unilateralism, arrogance, disrespect for international law, triumphalism and a resort to overwhelming military force.

…But as a sign of the sensitivity – which also goes to the heart of European concerns about the war in Afghanistan and terrorism sponsored by Al Qaeda in Europe itself – the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, found herself on the defensive when she said on Monday that she was “glad that it was successful, the killing of Bin Laden.”

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Her comments were heavily criticized. A member of her own conservative Christian Democratic Union, Siegfried Kauder, said: “I wouldn’t have used those words. That is a vengeful way of thinking that one shouldn’t have; that’s medieval.” And her foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle of the Free Democrats, called on Wednesday for the West to temper its responses, to avoid undue celebration “that could again lead to incitement or the heroization of Al Qaeda.”

…Nicolas Demorand, editor of the left-leaning French daily Libération, on Tuesday bemoaned the “toxic rhetoric” of the campaign against terrorism. From that rhetoric, he wrote, stems “this base, uncomfortable joy, unprecedented in a democracy, that blew yesterday over the streets of New York.”

Even the editor of the centrist weekly L’Express, Christophe Barbier, cautioned, “To victory one must not add provocation.” He added: “To desecrate the cadaver or the memory of Bin Laden is to revive him. To cry one’s joy in the streets of our cities is to ape the turbaned barbarians who danced the night of Sept. 11. It is to tell them the ghastly competition continues between them and us.”

Unfortunately, the West is full of degenerate masters of neutrality who’ve come to falsely believe that they’re morally superior to other people simply because they can’t tell right from wrong. Their “talents” mainly consist of looking down their noses at other people and coming up with a false moral equivalence for any situation. Yet, these are some of the worst people among us because they work tirelessly to excuse evil and undermine good for the sake of trying to feel better about themselves.

Osama Bin Laden was an evil man. They can’t admit this because they hate to admit that evil exists. Bin Laden & Al-Qaeda launched a war of aggression against the United States. The United States is richer and more powerful than Al-Qaeda; so they have difficulty accepting this. Bin Laden’s hatred of America is unprovoked. They can’t admit this either because again, they’re masters of moral equivalence. There’s always some reason the “Little Eichmanns” deserved it.

Americans who are not moral cripples, who aren’t wearing these blinders, don’t see the death of Osama Bin Laden the same way these people do. They see an evil man who’s responsible for the senseless and unprovoked deaths of thousands of Americans — and who hungered to kill millions more — being put down before he could strike again. What happened last Sunday was that the thousands of innocent people who were murdered on 9/11 finally got a measure of much deserved justice after nearly a decade-long wait. That mattered a lot to people. That’s why they cheered.

To compare them to the savages who danced in the streets and handed out candy because decent people were murdered is the offensive, morally bankrupt position of loathsome, embarrassing swine who know less about real human decency than the average child you’ll find in a Sunday School class.

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