‘This is my son’: Jihadi John’s mother recognized his voice as soon as she watched first ISIS beheading video [Video]

His father said, ‘My son is a dog, an animal, he can go to hell.’ I believe the family means it. The mother screamed when she recognized him in a beheading video. Can you imagine how horrified this poor family must have been when they realized their son was a barbaric, stone cold killer? The rest of his family is also wishing him a quick and brutal death. It’s mind boggling to try and figure out how someone you think is a good person turns into a genocidal, theocratic killer. You see it time and time again in Islam. I feel for his family, especially his parents.

Killer: The new image of Mohammed Emwazi during his time as an IT worker in Kuwait
shows him with a thick black beard and wearing the traditional red and white Arabic headscarf
commonly seen in the Gulf state.

From the Daily Mail:

The mother of Mohammed Emwazi realised he was Jihadi John when she saw a beheading video, it emerged yesterday.

Ghaneya Emwazi, 47, screamed on recognising her 26-year-old son as the knife-wielding fanatic in the horrific Islamic State propaganda film.

She confirmed he was the IS chief executioner when she and her husband Jasem, 51, were questioned by the Kuwaiti security services on Sunday.

Other appalled relatives of Emwazi yesterday condemned his actions and said they would welcome his death.

A Kuwaiti cousin, who would not give his name, said: ‘We hate him. We hope he will be killed soon. This will be good news for our family.’

Emwazi, who moved to north London from Kuwait aged six, was identified last week as Jihadi John – the man responsible for the murders of kidnapped journalists and aid workers in Syria.

His parents returned from the UK to Kuwait some time ago and are living in Taima, a rundown area of the city of Jahra.

Kuwait’s secret police questioned them as witnesses on Sunday about their son’s transformation from an ordinary British schoolboy into one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

They told the officers he had lied in his last phone call to them from Turkey, claiming he was planning to travel to Syria to volunteer for humanitarian work.

Mrs Emwazi recognised her son in the IS video of the execution of American journalist James Foley, Kuwait’s respected Al Qabas newspaper said.

Her husband reportedly told the Kuwaiti police: ‘When his mother watched the film about Daesh (IS) she saw the young man covering his face in the James Foley video. He threatened the USA.

‘He said he would kill. She was shocked. She became frantic and started screaming “This is my son”. We were all watching the video. We were scared to watch the video.

‘Then we carried on watching it and we saw that it was Mohammed. We are completely distraught. My son is religious and he hates the West. He feels they have abused him.’

The video showing Mr Foley’s death was published online last August but it is not known when the family watched it.

Mr Emwazi was a police officer in Kuwait but lost his job and moved to Britain after Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion.

His family was accused of collaborating with the Iraqis during the seven-month occupation because they were stateless Bedoon people from Iraq.

Mr Emwazi is said now to be working in a supermarket in the strictly Islamic Gulf state.

His son worked for an IT software firm there until April 2010 after completing a computing degree at the University of Westminster in London.

His father reportedly told Kuwaiti police: ‘He was planning to get married but because he didn’t have enough money he decided to go back to the UK. Mohammed was religious when he was young.

‘I haven’t been in contact with him since 2013. I got a call from him when he was in Turkey and he told us he was going to Syria to volunteer for a humanitarian campaign.

‘He said, “Please forgive me if I do anything wrong”. It was the last call or contact I had with him.’

Emwazi was banned from re-entering Kuwait in May 2010 after the British authorities raised concerns about his links to extremism. He claimed this cost him his job and his fiancée in the Gulf state.

Mohammed Emwazi ran with a violent street gang, who used stun guns to target wealthy victims in London’s Mayfair after he went back to the UK. He also had childhood links to other Islamic extremists who went on to join terror groups in Syria and Somalia. Emwazi was known to associate with Choukri Ellekhlifi – a member of a masked gang which preyed on rich targets in a series of violent attacks. I also suspect his family in general has some radical ties. I believe their outrage here, but it took a lifetime to make the boy into a killer. It did not happen overnight. The authorities are also questioning the family. The truth will come out. I hope the family can find peace when this is done and recover from this. Their son is a demon and a killer – but he has also hurt his family to the bone.

Horror: Ghaneya Emwazi, 47, recognised her eldest child Mohammed, 26, as the knife-wielding
fanatic in the horrific propaganda film in which American journalist James Foley was murdered (pictured).

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