Were I a Soldier Right Now, I’d Be A Little Worried

At least “don’t ask; don’t tell” opponents can take solace that they’re not last on the Presidential priority list. That position is reserved for General Stanley McChrystal. Last weekend, McCrystal informed America that his Commander in Chief, who set him in charge of all the forces in that the President called the “central front” in the war we’re fighting, that he’s only spoken to Obama once since his appointment, and that only by teleconference.

The President doubled that number by summoning the general to Air Force One while it idled on the tarmac in Copenhagen. The Commander in Chief was on his way home after spending a couple days unsuccessfully working his Crony in Chief mojo on the behalf of his former Chicago machine buddy and the rest of the fat-cats in the Windy City.

Alas for McChrystal and, I think, our soldiers currently fighting the Islamists in Afghanistan, the President wasn’t interested in discussing a winning strategy or giving his top man a pep talk. No, he chewed the general out for speaking frankly the day before.

Great. That ought to put some fear in the Islamists, huh?

Perhaps the President would be better off spending a little time wondering why his general, who is not exactly known for corking off about his superiors, decided to do it this time. Then he might get around to actually meeting the man face-to-face and hearing what he has to say. I wouldn’t hold my breath here, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. At some point, a Commander in Chief has to talk to his commanding generals while they’re out fighting a war.

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