What Say To A Mosque Two Blocks From Ground Zero?

CNN seems almost confused and incredulous that people would have a problem with this idea, since Muslims died in the terror attack on 9/11, too

Plans to build a mosque two blocks away from ground zero have set off an emotional debate among area residents and relatives of victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

Cordoba House project calls for a 15-story community center including a mosque, performance art center, gym, swimming pool and other public spaces.

The project is a collaboration between the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative, both of which work to improve relations with followers of the religion.

Why should there even be debate? This is simply a horrendous idea which should have been discarded minutes after it was proposed. What purpose would this mosque serve, except as a reminder of what Muslims did to this country in the name of their religion? They would be wiping our faces in what people did in the name of their religion.

“It will have a real community feel, to celebrate the pluralism in the United States, as well as in the Islamic religion,” Daisy Khan (executive director of the Muslim society) said. “It will also serve as a major platform for amplifying the silent voice of the majority of Muslims who have nothing to do with extremist ideologies. It will counter the extremist momentum.”

No offense, Daisy, but, how can we believe that? How many mosques have we seen as supporting radicals and indoctrinating them? Ones used as weapons centers. If you were truly sensitive, you would move the site elsewhere.

Oh, BTW, the center needs no approvals what-so-ever. The land is owned already, and zoning will allow it.

Of course, I’m sure liberals will have no problem with this idea, since 42% of them think 9/11 was basically an inside job.

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