The Eerie Moment Footage Captures ‘UFO’… [WATCH]

The Eerie Moment Footage Captures ‘UFO’… [WATCH]

They certainly caught something strange on video. I’m not sure what to make of it. Disclaimer… I believe in UFOs and life on other planets. Call me crazy if you want, but I do. What makes this encounter unique is that the two people who caught this on their dashcam have over 30 years experience of photographing galaxies and star clusters. They don’t know what this was either and are totally baffled by it. The closeup makes it look flat and multi-colored. It could be something experimental from the military, or it could be a real UFO. Who knows? It doesn’t look like a hoax to me, but I’m not an expert. Just eerie.


From the Daily Mail:

A couple with 30 years of experience taking photos of galaxies and star clusters were left perplexed by a unidentifiable light that went soaring past them as they pulled out from a petrol station.

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Paul ‘starman’ Mayo and his wife Sylvia, captured footage of the eerie flying object on their dashcam near Berrimah just south of Darwin.

The footage shows a distinct light source speeding through the sky horizontally then disappearing as quickly as it first appeared.

The object is moving far too fast to be a jet. The professional astronomer who filmed this had this to say: ‘I’ve never believed in UFOs but this has me lost for words to explain what we saw not to mention how fast it moved,’ he added. He is indeed right and I can’t fathom what this would have been either, unless it is something top secret. The footage was taken in June of last year when they were pulling out from a gas station. Two videos were uploaded to YouTube… one zooming in on the flying object. The contrast was then increased to highlight the unidentifiable object that soared past. A thin disc-shaped object with what appears to be tiny lights can be seen like a ‘string of colored pearls shooting through the sky’. They are still searching for answers on this one. I wish them luck with that.






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