Hen Lays Massive Egg. But What Was Inside? OMG…

Hen Lays Massive Egg. But What Was Inside? OMG…

I just can’t even believe this one… I’m sure it happened, but geez. That poor, poor chicken. It laid an egg twice the size of a normal one. This man cracks it open to show you what is inside and it is just crazy. Spoiler Alert… inside the egg is… wait for it… another egg. I grew up on ranches and farms a great deal of my life and I have never seen anything like this. Within the big egg, was another egg… shell and all. Both had yolks in them. This is a freak of nature. I’ve never heard of this happening before. I was very surprised and that is hard to do.


From American Overlook:

When this man’s hen laid an egg more than twice as big as a normal one, he knew that something special had to be inside. So the whole family decided to film it being cracked open. And when he cracks it open, what falls out completely surprised me! It’s the last thing I expected…

Watch the 2-minute video below.

It’s so big the egg carton can’t even close properly. He holds the big egg up against a normal one and you can clearly see that it’s at least twice as big. This is no ordinary egg. And the family knows that there is something special inside this egg.

We’ve all heard legends about Golden Eggs and other such special gifts. But I never expected this to be inside. It’s crazy!

“That poor bird,” the woman says when she sees what is inside the big egg. It must have hurt coming out of the hen.

You’ve got to watch this video and share it with your friends to blow their minds too!

“Crazy, man,” the man in the video says after he sees what’s inside.

He takes the big egg in his hand and prepares to crack it open 30 seconds into the video. And when he does…

The video is well worth watching. I guarantee you’ll be stunned. I know I was. Somebody said, ‘you killed a pregnant egg.’ That’s funny. I guess size does matter. This is one for the record books. I wonder about the chicken that laid it. Maybe she’s been pecking on some radioactive feed. Maybe it’s a sign of the apocalypse. Anything goes. Heh. Just way too weird. Dear Lord, that was monster egg.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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