Man Sues Company for $2.5 Million for Not Pretending He Is a Woman

Under rule by liberals, the concept of equality has been discarded in favor of a caste system. It can be represented as a pyramid, with the “untouchables” — sane, sexually normal white men with a Christian background who work for a living — at the very bottom. As you climb toward the peak of the pyramid — past Muslims, whose status was greatly elevated by 9/11; past the illegal aliens pouring into the country to feed on the welfare state like a vast army of vampires; past blacks; past even gays — you come at last to the most privileged caste of all, the group for which all other groups must sacrifice.

The top caste is so sacred to liberals that biology itself is expected to give way before it. The group consists of those who are not merely sexually deviant but mentally deranged, imagining themselves to members of the opposite sex. Some are so psychotic they actually subject their own bodies to cringe-inducing chemical and surgical mutilation in grotesque attempts to compel physical reality to conform to their morbid fantasies.

Given the elevated status of this caste, a fellow named Chloie Jonsson stands a good chance of collecting on his lawsuit:

Jonsson is suing CrossFit Inc. for $2.5 million.

Jonsson underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2006- and CrossFit won’t let [him] compete with other women in the CrossFit Games, which aim to find the world’s fittest men and women.

By “other women,” the liberal establishment author means “actual women.”

“One of my teammates sent an anonymous letter, kind of just to see what the answer was and maybe what protocol we’d have to follow, like if I’d have to supply documentation or anything like that,” said Jonsson. “I was pretty shocked that their answer was you had to register and compete as the gender you were born as.”

That is, he was shocked that anyone would dare to place biological reality ahead of political correctness, in brazen defiance of the top caste.

Jonsson’s attorney said CrossFit is violating California law.

“She’s [sic] legally female, her [sic] birth certificate, her [sic] driver’s license, she’s [sic] been female for a long, long time,” said Waukeen McCoy. “And for them to say she [sic] has to compete in the men’s division, I think it’s horrifying.”

Reality does not matter. By changing the documentation, all-powerful bureaucrats change the person documented.

By the same logic, our liberal rulers could transform Mr. Jonsson into a rhinoceros, and we would all be legally required to regard him as a rhinoceros. Anyone refusing to pretend he is a rhinoceros would be subject to $multimillion lawsuits.

The 99.99% of women participating in athletic competitions who really are women and are at a disadvantage when competing against pseudowomen who are actually men do not matter. The whims of one transsexual trump the interests of all members of all lower castes.

Mr. Jonsson.

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