San Francisco’s Rat Cafe

San Francisco’s Rat Cafe

Only in the city that inflicts Nancy Pelosi on the rest of the country would you see a cafe infested with rats promoted as a tourist attraction:

For $49.99, patrons can “sip their coffee while seated at bistro-style tables, nicely draped with red and white gingham tablecloths… all while being surrounded by rats.” The price includes all-you-can-drink coffee, tea, water and pastries, along with admission to the dungeon. (Don’t forget the 15 minutes of rat interaction!)

The San Francisco Dungeon is hosting the cafe.

Wait, it gets moonbattier:

Jokes aside, the rats are all sourced from rat rescue nonprofit, Rattie Ratz, based out of Clayton. The rats are assumed to all be well-behaved, and should one of the “Ambassador Rats” strike your fancy and you find yourself wanting one as a pet — Rattie Ratz also does adoptions.

Someone get the news to Bill de Blasio. We have a solution to New York City’s rat epidemic. Just get moonbats to “adopt” them.

Looks like the rat left some treats on the saucer.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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