The Woman’s Intuition Which Inexplicably Saved A Mom And Her Baby

Do you believe in women’s intuition? If you’ll pardon the pun, some call that an old wives’ tale.

But here’s a little evidence that it’s real

If it hadn’t been for the voice in her head, telling her to run, Tanya Tyler and her infant child might not be alive today. It was only Tanya’s instincts that got them both to safety before a tree crashed through their roof… landing right where she had been standing moments before.

As KREM News reports, the Spokane mom says she was about to sit down and fold laundry, when she got a sudden feeling that they were unsafe. Though there was no indication that anything bad was about to happen, Tanya didn’t question that feeling, but immediately fled the front room of their house.

“As I was setting the laundry down, I actually heard in my mind, like instinctively, maybe, ‘RUN,’” Tanya told KREM. “And I didn’t hear any trees at the time falling, but I turned quickly and grabbed the car carrier with one hand in front of the swing. And as we took one step, you could hear the tree inside the living room.”

Mere seconds after her gut told her to run, a tree fell through the Tyler house, doing an immense amount of damage in the process.

A frightening story, but one with a happy ending. It might take months to fix the damage that tree did to that house, but the people, which unlike the property can’t be replaced, are OK.

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