Woman Fails To Follow The Rules On Breast Milk At Airport, Posts “Open Letter”

Normally, things like this do not interest me enough to write a post, but, this one has three things: an open letter, stated rules, and people in High Outrage

(UK Daily Mail) A nursing mother was forced to dump nearly four gallons of breast milk after trying to take it through security at an airport.

Security staff allegedly made Jessica Coakley Martinez discard the liquid form of the milk and a two gallon frozen block intended for her eight-month-old son at Heathrow Airport’s terminal five.

The upset mother-of-two from California took to Facebook to rant in a open letter: ‘You humiliated me and made me feel completely defeated as a professional and a mother.’

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The angry message, which began ‘I normally would not post something this personal, but I do not remember the last time I felt so justly upset,’ was shared nearly four thousand times after it was posted on Thursday.

She added: ‘You made me dump out nearly two weeks worth of food for my son.’

The whole concept of the “open letter” has reached idiotic proportions. It seems that everyone who has had some sort of experience has to post an open letter for everyone to see, and, really, this is more about themselves rather than attempting to right a wrong. Perhaps it’s not fair to pick on Ms. Martinez, but then there’s this

The limit for liquids in carry-on luggage is 100 millilitres according to regulations posted on Heathrow’s site, which states that larger amounts must go in checked luggage.

That’s right, the rules for baby milk are printed, and it took me all of 5 seconds to google them and look them up. The rules also state you can carry a reasonable amount in the cabin. Is almost 4 gallons reasonable, even if most is frozen? If it’s frozen, why not just place it in the checked baggage? Oh, and then there’s something else interesting, but, I’ll get to that in a minute.

Of course, she wanted Heathrow to blow off The Published Rules for her. This sounds like so many other Special Snowflakes, who want their own set of rules just because. Airport security said they had to comply with the rules, probably because they don’t want to be sacked for failing to do their jobs. So, she apparently become irate and threw a fit in the airport. She’s lucky they let her board the plane.

The BBC, typically a very left leaning news org, also highlight those pesky things called The Rules.

And that other thing? Martinez was not traveling with her child. That’s right. She blew a gasket, then posted the open letter, when she did not even have the nursing child with her. Why not simply put it all in the checked luggage in the first place? I almost get the feeling that this whole thing was set up. And, of course, people in her Facebook are in high dudgeon, and are all Very Upset And Outraged over something minor that happened to someone else. Go figure.

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