Even Residents of Puerto Rico Get Disability for Not Speaking English

The vast hordes of undocumented Democrats pouring across the undefended border have good reason not to even try to assimilate. The federal government pays them with our money not to learn English. Even Puerto Ricans who have no need to speak English have a seat aboard the gravy train:

The Social Security Administration (SSA) approved disability benefits for hundreds of Puerto Ricans because they do not speak English, despite the fact that Puerto Rico is a predominantly Spanish-speaking territory.

According to a new audit by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the agency is misapplying rules that are intended to provide financial assistance to individuals who are illiterate or cannot speak English in the United States. Under the rules, Puerto Ricans are allowed to receive disability benefits for their inability to speak English as well.

How lucky for Puerto Ricans, considering that 95% of them speak Spanish at home.

Just how many are getting paid to no hablan Inglés? The government doesn’t know, although I’m pretty sure the NSA could testify as to which websites you visited a year ago last Wednesday.

The agency does not currently have a system in place to keep track of the number of beneficiaries who receive disability insurance for not being able to speak English.

That’s convenient. This is convenient to:

Former SSA judges have also testified that individuals have been approved for disability in the United States without having to prove they cannot speak English.

Weasel Zippers wonders how long it will be before moochers are paid to speak Ebonics instead of working.

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