Group Wants Gov’t to Payout Basic Income to All Americans Monthly – So They Can Pursue THIS [VIDEO]

Group Wants Gov’t to Payout Basic Income to All Americans Monthly – So They Can Pursue THIS [VIDEO]

Silly liberals keep coming up with ridiculous ideas that have no merit whatsoever in reality and then expect the government to fund them. Consider the “My Basic Income” group, which is giving a man $1,250 a month for a year without having to do anything to earn it… and they want the government to do the same thing for everyone.

my basic income

From IJReview:

The San Francisco-based group, My Basic Income, explained on its website that it wants to demonstrate to lawmakers the potential benefit of giving a “basic income” to every adult in America:

“Our mission is to create a world of universal prosperity and innovation, by ensuring basic economic security. No one should be held back from their aspirations, passions, and dreams.

We believe that advocating for, and experimenting with Basic Income is the best way to practically tackle the problem of economic insecurity and advance our mission.”

My Basic Income promotes “universal basic income,” in which “every citizen” would be “given” an income that covers their “basic needs.”

Setting aside the question of where the funds would come from, how would “basic needs” be determined? And by whom?

Food and shelter? Healthcare? College education? Flat screen TVs and high-speed internet? It’s enough to make Bernie Sanders salivate.

Cameron Owen, co-founder of the advocacy group, said there are no strings attached for “Edwin,” who won a raffle to receive the money:

“This is an unconditional grant for Edwin. He gets it whether or not he wants to talk to press, support our cause, or become an activist himself.”

The group raised $15,585 through an Indiegogo campaign.

But what if, as the group advocates, every adult in America received $1,250 per month from the government? Let’s do some quick math:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 242,470,820 adults living in America in 2013. So it would “only” cost the government taxpayers $3.6 trillion a year. But, hey, “passions and dreams” are priceless.

Hey, there’s already a program that gives people government money without them having to work for it. It’s called “welfare”. And we need less of it, not more.

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