Living in Luxury Apartments at Public Expense

Better get those tax forms ready. Freeloaders in luxury apartments are entitled to their Section 8 subsidies:

Verde Point is a self-described “luxury apartment” complex with a rooftop pool and “personal wine storage” that is currently accepting public housing assistance recipients who will live there practically for free, courtesy of the taxpayers — at least until they become gainfully employed and their incomes rise. That’s when the pool parties and wine tastings end and they will have to downgrade to a more middle-class abode.

The Gramercy is another luxury apartment, also in Arlington, Va., where holders of the federal vouchers formerly known as Section 8 can live, taking advantage of its “massage room and sauna” and “clubroom with bar.” Also included, according to its promotional materials, are a “first-class sports club,” “theater/screening room,” and computer room.

Not to mention Berber carpet, stainless steel GE appliances, granite countertops, and manicures done right in your room.

As with those at Verde Point, federally-subsidized Gramercy residents can face the unpleasant choice between living in luxury on public assistance or getting a job and having to move to a neighborhood with far fewer amenities.

Funemployed loafers aren’t the only ones living large at the expense of taxpayers. Crony capitalist developers cash in also:

An official list of 70 buildings in Arlington, Va., many of them gleaming luxury towers in the most sought-after neighborhoods, has a curious note: It says that taxpayer funds were used on the highly profitable luxury rentals, as they might be on a public housing project.

“The complexes listed below were built, acquired or renovated with public funds, and therefore are required to set aside a certain number of affordable units,” the county web page says.

Not even the affordable units are affordable if you aren’t working. That’s where the Section 8 vouchers come in. The beneficiaries will lose their vouchers if their income increases, so they have to be very careful to avoid gainful employment.

Better get to work; someone has to pay for all this:

The Gramercy.

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