MEDIA Ignoring SHOCKING Results of NC’s Drug Testing Welfare Applicants – This is WRONG!

MEDIA Ignoring SHOCKING Results of NC’s Drug Testing Welfare Applicants – This is WRONG!

Liberals like to claim that drug testing welfare recipients is a waste of government time and money. So that must be why they’re hiding the results of North Carolina’s program, right?

drug testing

North Carolina has been drug testing welfare recipients since late last year, and the initial numbers were truly astounding.

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The Raleigh News & Observer posted the early results, which showed that of the several thousand people who were screened, 89 people took the test and 21 of them tested positive — which equates to a whopping 24 percent. The 21 positive tests represent fewer than 0.3 percent of the people screened in the Work First welfare program.

In fact, 70 more recipients were told to participate in the drug testing, but they didn’t show up and therefore received no benefits, according to Breitbart. If half of them refused to participate because of drug use — and this is only speculation — the total of illegal drug users kept from receiving benefits by this program would be more like 35 percent.

The Work First program offers short-term cash benefits, training and support services to families. In about 62 percent of Work First cases, only children get benefits, and no adults fall under the test requirement in those cases.

Apparently it works pretty well, if this many people were taken off of welfare because of their drug use. And had the testing not been done, taxpayers would have continued funding their drug use. So this looks like a win to most sane people, doesn’t it?

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