Why is the US paying welfare benefits for Cuban migrants — In Costa Rica????

Why is the US paying welfare benefits for Cuban migrants — In Costa Rica????

This is soooo Cloward and Piven. We have paid roughly $1 million in January alone to house and give welfare benefits to Cuban immigrants. Illegal immigrants that are stranded in Costa Rica I might add. Now, the Mexicans want to know why we aren’t giving them money for their refugees as well and say we are playing favorites with the Cubans. We shouldn’t be giving money to any of them, damn it. We should not be letting any of these people in period until they are vetted and then only so many a year. But Obama is rushing to bring in as many as he can before a Republican president is elected that will stop it. Just insane.


From The New York Times:

MIAMI — The United States government has been paying to feed and shelter thousands of Cubans trying to migrate to the United States, in what critics consider another sign of the lopsided treatment provided to Cubans under American law.

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The Obama administration has tried hard to deter the crush of migrants arriving from Central America in recent years. It has pressed Mexico to crack down on migrants passing through its territory, while women and children who managed to cross the American border have been held in detention facilities.

But American law gives Cubans special status to live in the United States and apply for a green card, provided they make it here. That has set off a rush of Cubans who have taken advantage of changes inside Cuba that make it easier to leave, and who are worried that the Obama administration’s improved relations with their government will soon erase their privileged status.

In January, the United States pledged $1 million to help provide temporary shelter, potable water, food, sanitation and hygiene kits to thousands of Cubans who were stranded in Costa Rica while trying to make their way to the American border.

This is more wealth redistribution. We are already broke, but Obama just can’t wait to give away millions more. The Obama Administration has not been trying to deter the crush of illegal immigrants… just the opposite. They’ve done everything they can to get them here even though Americans don’t want them. The flood of Cubans has been set off directly by Obama as he crawls into bed with the Castro monsters. Obama says he is going to cut off the funds to the immigrants, but that’s not true. And if it were, he would be shifting it to the refugee resettlement program. He’s infiltrating us with a foreign populace… if you can’t vote them out, breed them out. I have no idea why these funds are being approved in a nation that is now officially bankrupt. The party is going to come to a crashing end and soon.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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