A Ward of the Welfare State Shares Her Tale of Woe

To understand the appeal of the socialist Bernie Sanders, look to the horrific plight of professional baby-maker Tiera Williams, who lives with her four offspring at a Days Inn in DC, as described in a tearjerker piece at WaPo:

They occupy a hidden world of desperation and poverty mixed with every-other-day maid service, free WiFi, continental breakfast in the lobby, and lunch and dinner in the 170-room motel’s banquet room.

A woman who works for a living can pay $100 per night to stay with four kids at a Days Inn in the Washington area. Yet Tiera is unsatisfied with her free accommodations:

“After being here for too long, you are going to end up going crazy. Because it is so small. So many people packed into one room.” …

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They’ve been living here since August when Williams — then six months pregnant and unemployed with no place to go — called the city’s homeless hotline.

“Hello, homeless hotline? I want free room and board for myself and my brood. When I get it, I will gripe.”

Williams dumps bags of groceries on the motel room desk. In the mini refrigerator, she stacks yogurt, apples, oranges and a roasted chicken they will have for dinner that night. She uses her food stamps to buy meals because she doesn’t like eating the pasta, casseroles, chicken, hot dogs and other dishes the city provides at the motel.

“The meat,” she says, “is questionable.”

Here’s how fate placed her in these dire straits:

She was 19 when she met the man who would become her daughter’s father. She moved to the District to be with him. But the relationship, she says, was controlling and abusive. She left him when her daughter was 4 months old and spent several months at two shelters before moving into an apartment in Southeast Washington.

Much the same thing happened again in August when she left the father of her three other children because they were arguing all the time.

That is, she put herself in her situation, as is usually the case.

Paying customers who would like to stay at this Day’s Inn are out of luck. It was booked solid at the time of the report. Due to the housing project ambiance, it is doubtful that paying customers would enjoy the place anyway.

[M]others … sit in doorways, half inside their rooms, half outside, as they watch restless children ride bicycles in circles in the parking lot. A woman in a pink headscarf has pulled a nightstand out of her motel room and is yelling something incomprehensible at someone inside the room.

Here’s why DC hotels are choked with wards of the welfare state like Tiera:

The District has been placing homeless families in motels ever since city voters passed Initiative 17, a 1984 law that guarantees overnight shelter to the homeless during hypothermia season. In the years that followed, the number of families seeking shelter exploded.

Bureaucrats couldn’t find a suitable place to house them. Since taxpayers have plenty of money, they settled on hotels.

There were 730 homeless families living in the Days Inn and at least 11 other motels, including 1,300 children, according to a recent night census.

Assuming each of those children have children, and they reproduce at the same rate as Tiera (who at 25 years old probably isn’t done yet), the Days Inn should stay booked for some time. This is good news for Democrats, but bad news for taxpayers.

American Thinker provides a few questions for discussion:

1) Tiera has only four children. How many more children does she need to produce before being given an additional hotel room?

2) Why should Tiera and her kids have to eat in the banquet hall every day if they are in a hotel with room service?

3) Is there a constitutional right for people on welfare to have their food prepared and served to them?

4) If the maid providing maid service works hard cleaning Tiera’s room, do you think she makes enough money to take care of her kids?

5) If Tiera is getting only basic cable on her TV, would a Bernie Sanders presidency fund a program to get her HBO and a decent pay-per-view package?

Consider the demographic consequences of rewarding the indolent for producing children out of wedlock, while paying for it by taxing those who work to such an extreme that two incomes are mandatory, and women are too busy earning a paycheck to raise children.

You don’t need open borders or to roll out a red carpet for “refugees” to reduce your own country to a dysfunctional Third World hellhole. All you need is the welfare state.

Tiera and her brood.

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