Her Cousin Tried To FORCE Her To Marry Him- When She Refused, He Made Her Pay SEVERELY!

Her Cousin Tried To FORCE Her To Marry Him- When She Refused, He Made Her Pay SEVERELY!

This unbelievable tale seems like something from centuries ago – but it was just this year. The sad story of what happened when she refused to marry her own cousin – and AFTER her father called it off – will break your heart:


A Kurdish father whose daughter was shot dead at a wedding in Germany has posted a picture of her lying in a pool of blood on his Facebook page and is demanding justice.

He wrote that his beloved 21-year-old daughter Shilan had rejected an arranged marriage to her cousin and had paid for it with her life during a wedding ceremony in Hanover, Germany.

The father, named as Ghazi H., 50, posted the harrowing image of his daughter on Facebook as police continued to hunt for the cousin.

He said that his Kurdish family had fled Iraq heading to Germany when his daughter was just three, and he said she had grown up as a self-confident young woman with German citizenship, studying property management at college in Hanover.

Posting the images he added: ‘It is with the deepest sense of loss and pain that I announce the loss of my daughter. She died in a pool of her own blood, as a victim of a treacherous tradition.’

kurdish father

He said that his two brothers, identified as Numan H. and Hassan H., had tried to arrange a forced marriage for the young woman to her cousin Sefin, 22, but she had refused.

She told her father that she did not love the man she was supposed to marry, and rejected the suggestion.
He said that he had left his brother looking after his family including his daughter while he was working on a project in Iraq.

He said that behind his back, his brother had decided to marry his son off to Shilan, and had already started to make the arrangements.

When he returned, he said: ‘She begged me to do something and so I cancelled the engagement.’

The shooting took place at about 10pm on March 13. Police have a warrant for the arrest of Sefin, Bild reports.

This is such a sad loss of life. This young woman clearly had much more to offer the world than just being in an arranged marriage with her cousin. For the sake of her family, I hope that this monster is caught and thrown in jail for the rest of his life.

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