HORRIFYING: Rat Found In Hospital Incubator AFTER it Bit Newborn

HORRIFYING: Rat Found In Hospital Incubator AFTER it Bit Newborn

If you thought American health care was bad, check this out: a hospital in Belize reported having found a RAT in a premature infant’s incubator. The pest had already bitten the baby, and was extracted and promptly clubbed to death with a broom. I guess there’s one more country you can cross off your list of places to give birth.


From The Daily Mail:

This horrifying footage shows frantic nurses trying to clear a rat out of newborn’s incubator – after it had reportedly bitten a premature baby.

Staff at the Western Regional Hospital in Belize used a broom and their hands to try and extract the rodent from its hiding place in the supposedly sterile container.

According to a report by the Irish Mirror, the animal had previously bitten a premature baby. Nurses apparently heard the child scream, took him out then tried to extract the rat.

The rat, which is damp and sluggish in the footage, was reportedly doused with chemicals before anybody started filming, in an unsuccessful attempt to kill it.

A spokesman for the hospital told local media in Belize that the rat may have got into the ward where the incubator was by crawling through air conditioning vents.

Belize’s health minister sent government inspectors to the hospital, and has since demanded an inquiry into management at the Western Regional Hospital.


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