ISIS Child Soldiers Play ‘Hide & Seek’ Game Where They Search Ruins for Prisoners & Then Shoot Them

ISIS Child Soldiers Play ‘Hide & Seek’ Game Where They Search Ruins for Prisoners & Then Shoot Them

If you weren’t afraid of “orphans and widows” before, you might be after you see the sick “games” they play with helpless prisoners.


From The Daily Mail:

ISIS militants have posted a new video showing child soldiers being forced to carry out a sickening game of hide and seek in which they have to find and execute a prisoner inside an ancient castle.

Filmed in a remote part of Deir ezzor province in Syria, the sickening video shows six recruits running through an historic ruins searching for the hidden prisoners.

With their hands tied behind their back, the captives are forced to wait as the young children, who appear to be no older than eight, use a pistol to kill them at close range.

The children involved in the horrific attacks appear to come from as far as North Africa and Tajikistan.

One after the other, the recruits run up the hill where they meet their instructor at the entrance of the historic al-Rahba castle.

They are handed a balaclava and handgun before they are told to enter the labyrinth of corridors inside the ruin, where they must search for the hidden prisoner.

Inside the dimly lit site, the child soldiers runs around before they find their helpless captive and execute them from close range.

After finishing the task, the child soldiers return to their instructor and hand the balaclava and handgun to next boy.

Each time, the prisoners are found in different locations and have no chance to escape. One of the victims is beheaded at the end of the video.

The prisoners are described as ‘sons of Jews’ and accused of spying for the Assad regime in the ISIS held city of Deir ezzor, situated in eastern Syria.

The child soldiers are also shown alongside a large group of children learning about close combat and self defence.

One youngster practices his unarmed fighting moves against a masked instructor whilst the rest of the class sit on a carpet and watch on.

The footage also shows the child soldiers learning about the Koran, practicising their reciting skills with the help of a teacher.

This is absolutely disgusting, and at the very best, it’s child abuse.

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