Muslim Dad STRANGLES His Own Daughter Because She Shoplifted Condoms

Muslim Dad STRANGLES His Own Daughter Because She Shoplifted Condoms

Muslim parents apparently have a different set of rules than I EVER want any child exposed to. Perhaps if a child of mine shoplifted, I would force them to return the item or pay for it, and do some sort of community service for the store. I don’t think murder is the answer:

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Asadullah Khan, 52, and his wife Shazia, 41, both Ahmadiyya Muslims originally from Pakistan, are accused of murdering their daughter Lareeb for bringing so-called “dishonor” on the family, reports German paper Bild.

They allegedly dressed her body, placed it in a wheelchair, and pushed it off a ravine near their home city of Darmstadt.

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Khan, who speaks no German, was planning a forced marriage for his daughter, as he and his wife had been married in Pakistan. He told the court that he was angered because Lareeb, a dental technician, had stayed away from the family home for a number of nights and had stopped wearing a headscarf.

Lareeb had met a young man, also from the Ahmadiyya community, of whom the father did not approve. She argued with the father, and their relationship began to break down. Then a letter from the police was delivered to the house, informing them their daughter had shoplifted condoms.

“At this point it became clear that there was sexual contact. When I showed the letter to my husband he snapped,” read a statement from the mother in court.

Lareeb’s younger sister, Nida, 14, was sent to stay with a relative on the night of the killing, the court heard. Nida said that her sister had hit her father that night following a row.

Later, Kahn entered Lareeb’s room and strangled her as she slept. The mother watched.

The mother said that she was screaming, but claimed that as a subordinated woman with rheumatism she was powerless to stop her murderous husband.

Sister Nida denied this: “My Mama was not suppressed, she could do what she wanted. She used to hit me with a stick,” she said. “We were never allowed to talk about her boyfriend. My father used to say my sister should be forcibly married in Pakistan.”

Nida, who speaks perfect German, refused to acknowledge her mother in court, Bild reports. She has reportedly moved away from home and has no contact with her parents.

The sister is the only one here with a lick of common sense. I hope she never speaks to these senseless killers again, to honor the memory of her sister. Just wait, America, this is the kind of crap that is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

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