North Koreans Executed for Watching Soap Operas

At least when progressive statism has been taken to its logical and inevitable conclusion, people won’t waste their time watching soap operas — unless they want to be executed:

Ten officials of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party have been executed for charges including watching foreign soap operas, South Korea’s intelligence agency revealed Wednesday, bringing the total of senior members killed this year to 50.

The National Intelligence Service says the officials were executed by firing squad for watching South Korean soap operas, engaging in bribes, or womanizing, The Telegraph reports.

Womanizing? Bill Clinton might consider changing sides.

The elimination of the officials suggests Kim Jong Un is getting rid of potential sources of opposition to his rule, according to The Telegraph.

Sort of like the way Obama has been purging the officer corps of non-flunkies.

Defectors from North Korea told the newspaper that pirated versions of South Korean and Chinese television shows are widely distributed in the country’s black market.

Imagine what they would do to you for watching pirated videos of Fox News.

North Korea
Progressive utopia: now soap opera free.

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