Thug Rapes Woman… Moments Later, Feels Something Being SLICED OFF

After being raped repeatedly by the man that her husband trusted to care for her while he was away, a 32 year-old woman exacted revenge in the most appropriate way possible.

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From Conservative Tribune:

Well, that’s certainly one way to get justice: a rapist in India had his genitals sliced off with a sickle by his victim after she faked consent.

According to the Times of India (via the U.K. Mirror), the unnamed 32-year-old woman walked into a police station severely bloodied. It was then that police saw her rapist’s severed genitals in her hands.

The incident happened in the Sidhi district, the easternmost part of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, back in February. The woman’s husband was about 700 miles away for work and she was left in the care of her brother-in-law.

However, things quickly turned nightmarish. Her brother-in-law would repeatedly rape her, apparently using her for her sick designs for days on end.

Finally, the woman came up with a way to break free.

“When he forced himself on me, I faked consent and severed his privates with a sickle,” she told police.

Police rushed to her house to see if the rapist could be found alive and offered medical attention. However, when they responded at 6 a.m., they found the rapist had already hanged himself before their arrival, according to the International Business Times.

Police have said that the woman was of sound mind, and we agree. However, what we can’t agree with is what they did — charge her with suspicion of attempted murder.

“This is a rare case and has to be investigated for a proper charge sheet,” Sidhi Member of Parliament Abid Khan said, IB Times reported.

Do you think she did the right thing?

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