VIDEO: Muslim Man Screams at Tube Passenger “You Should Be In Jail! I Can’t Pray With You!”

VIDEO: Muslim Man Screams at Tube Passenger “You Should Be In Jail! I Can’t Pray With You!”

No good story ever starts out with “So I was on the subway when…” but one English woman, Ruby Butler, is going to have one heck of a tale for her friends and family. She was verbally accosted by a Muslim man who suggested she should be in jail for having her feet on a chair, and that he can’t pay with her because she’s a Christian.


From Breitbart:

Some heated scenes from a London Overground train emerged on YouTube yesterday as a Muslim man appears to be shouting at a woman who later identifies herself as a Christian for putting her feet on the train seats.

The video begins with the man citing his objection to a lady – identified via Facebook as Ruby Butler – with her feet on the train seat next to her. He says that because he is a Muslim, he doesn’t pray with his shoes on.

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At that point a man intervenes and tells him “she’s just not worth arguing with”. But the continues, shouting, “You should be in prison!” at her. Butler responds, “What? For putting my feet on a chair?”

“Yes.” he responds.

Another man from the other end of the carriage then interjects. He can be heard saying, “This is England man, it’s England.”

“I live in England okay? I was born here,” says the Muslim man, who has a thick, Pakistani accent.

“Don’t argue with me I’m born here okay?” he continues. “I have as much rights as you have okay?”

“Who’s talking about rights?” the man says in response, and the two continue to argue before they agree to get off the train together for what appears to be an impending fight.

But before they get off, the Muslim man threatens to phone the police, at which point Ms. Butler is heard to say: “I don’t have the same religion as you sir, I pray with my shoes on. I pray with my shoes on. Every day. I pray with my shoes on, I am Christian.”

“But I am a Muslim I can’t pray with you okay?” he replies.

“Listen, this is not a Muslim country,” Butler replies, before the man gets off the tube at Brondesbury in West London.

Watch the video below:

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you allow Muslims into your country and don’t demand that they assimilate to the culture of said country. While the woman wouldn’t have been arrested for simply having her feet on the seats of a subway, it says a lot about the direction England is headed when a man thinks he has the right to call up the police because of something he doesn’t like.

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