13 Short, Random Quotes

* Politics today: Figure out how they’re lying to you. Figure out who really benefits. Figure out how to get them to listen

* Healthcare reform has very little to do w/ improving healthcare & a lot to do w/ giving gov’t more control of people’s lives.

* Charlie Crist’s only hope of winning a GOP primary is that Rubio won’t have the money and name recognition to compete. Too late.

* Why’s it even controversial that Rick Perry’s saying we’re headed towards socialism? Does the truth hurt?

* Being a member of Al-Qaeda should be a hanging offense. No trial even necessary for non-American

* Maybe it’s because I don’t normally use a cell phone, but I think texting & talking in the presence of others is a bit rude.

* So. Ghost Hunters? Ehr…seriously?

* I’m American. That means I shouldn’t have to deal w/ subtitles. Any worthwhile movie should have an English version.

* As a matter of fact, I don’t want to be Rahm Emanuel’s freaking friend. So, no thank you on the suggestion, Facebook.

* If you’re a Muslim who wants Shariah or who believes in killing your kids for being “Too Westernized”, stay out of the US

* You don’t attract moderates to a party by taking poll driven “moderate” positions that your base hates

* There’s not going to be a widespread primary movement against a dozen+ GOP nominees. Not enough attention or $ to do

* Saw a woman at Food Lion. Shirt said, “I don’t do drama.” My first thought: That is a woman prone to drama.

* The problem with American politics isn’t that “nothing gets done” by gov’t. It’s that entirely too much does.

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