Oh, Noes! Climate Change Could Kill Italy’s Pasta!

If it is a day ending in a “y,” it must be a day for climahysteria (via The Clamour Of The Times)

Scientists will this week warn that Italy may be forced to import the basic ingredients for pasta, its national food, because climate change will make it impossible to grow durum wheat.

In a report to be released by the Met Office tomorrow, scientists predict that Italy’s durum yields will start to decline from 2020 and the crop will almost disappear from the country later this century.

The report will say: “Projected climate changes in this region, in particular rising temperature and decreasing rainfall, may seriously compromise wheat yields.”

Is this the same Met Office who was left red faced after predicting a “barbecue summer,” yet ended up with an wet summer? The same one that had to back off on their unhinged Arctic predictions? The one that refuses to release their raw data? The one that is throwing out yet another “we only have 10 years left” prediction? That one?

Meanwhile, Al Gore was boo’d by hundreds of people during a speech in Florida.

The AP beclowns itself with a story about Hawaii’s shrinking beaches, caused by AGW, of course, but…

Chip Fletcher, a University of Hawaii geology professor, says scientists in Hawaii haven’t yet observed an accelerated rate of sea level rise due to global warming.

Instead, the erosion the islands are experiencing now is caused by several factors including a steady historical climb in sea levels that likely dates back to the 19th century.


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