My 25 Favorite Tweets From November

* If you really think everybody can be a winner, then you’re probably a loser

* I admire the way my dog spots a half dozen cats lounging around & immediately moves to charge the whole kitty legion solo.

* The real cost of anything is the amount of your life you have to give in exchange for it.

* You’re either striving to go forward or you’re dying inside.

* If you want something, you better ask for it because very seldom do people think you’re so great that they just hand you your heart’s desire

* Once the little things start to slide, the big things usually follow.

* If you’re a man w/ female friends, you probably say & do things that would constitute environmental sexual harassment a dozen times a month.

* Most of the time when you think people are trying to be jerks, they’re really just being self-absorbed.

* The more a society focuses on how to distribute the existing economic pie instead of how to grow it, the less prosperous it will become.

* I have no problem saying that I seriously doubt Obama would have ever gotten into Harvard and Columbia if he were white. #affirmativeaction

* The idea that Obama has done so much to compromise with conservatives is bizarre. He’s compromised with us as much as Ahab did w/ Moby Dick.

* The best way to win over moderates in a presidential election is to run someone who really excites your base, but doesn’t seem too extreme.

* The problem w/ single issue groups is that over time they usually become overly rigid, hyperbolic groups that become obsessed w/ fundraising

* I don’t ever trust the “fact checkers” on liberal networks to accurately check facts.

* Gingrich will be in the first place by December. We’ll have to see how it plays out from then. (Nov 12)

* Mitt Romney’s a done deal? Not hardly. I remember when they said the same thing about Harriet Miers & Comprehensive immigration reform. (Nov 2)

* Doesn’t the fact that Herman Cain is currently in 1st place for the GOP nomination effectively refute the idea that Republicans are racist?

* 1994 Mitt could run against Obama in a Dem primary. 2006 Mitt was a centrist. 2008 Mitt would call the other Mitt’s squishes. #notmitromney

* It’s weird how many women are focused on how Bachmann’s dressed & her hair. I thought we brutish males are supposed to be doing that

* The First Amendment doesn’t say that setting up a violent, drug addled, disease ridden hobo camp is part of your right to free speech

* Remember when the Tea Party started getting Scabies & Tuberculosis before their “Day of Rage?” Hmmm, come to think of it, no.

* How many people do you think will die before the Occupy protests end? I’m guessing 5-15 & I think that’s more likely to be low than high. (Nov 4)

* If you deliberately block traffic and you get hit by a car, then well, you kind of deserve that, don’t you?

* Liberals are always saying how much things remind them of Selma, Alabama in the sixties. How about #OWS tormenting kids trying to go to school?

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