Wall Street Occupies Obama White House

If there is one article that the unshowered and squatting in their own filth Occupiers and their supposed supporters should read, it is this one from The Politico

Wall Street is disdained in the court of public opinion – detested by the tea party on the right and the Occupy movement on the left. The public blames financial plutocrats for America’s economic plight more than either President Barack Obama or former President George W. Bush. Less than a quarter of all Americans, according to Gallup, have confidence in the banks, which vie for the lowest spot with Big Business and Congress.

But these angry voters are unlikely to get satisfaction in next year’s presidential election. In fact, things are looking up for the financial elite – which donated more to Washington politicians than almost any other sector of the economy over the past two decades. Wall Street can look forward to a bank-friendly administration if Obama is reelected – and perhaps even better conditions if either of the two leading GOP contenders, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, wins the White House.

Despite his occasional remarks that decry “fat cat”’ bankers, Obama has effectively serviced the financial bigwigs. Bank prosecutions have declined markedly under Obama – to levels not seen for more than 25 years. Obama has even tried to derail aggressive bank prosecutions pursued by state attorneys general, most of them liberal Democrats.

Got that, Occupiers? Obama hearts Wall Street. He voted for TARP as a Senator, then gave a ton of money and bailouts to these same “fat cats” while mostly ignoring Main Street when he became (NM)President. His Stimulus packages were political payback for the big wigs who supported his campaign.

Even while trying to exploit the Occupy Wall Street movement for political purposes, Obama still leads in financial sector donations, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. He has secured more cash from the financial elite, at this point, than all the GOP candidates combined. He has even raised twice as much as they have from Bain Capital, the venture firm co-founded by Romney. Why not give up on the white working class when you can sew up the Harvard and Wharton business school constituency?

When are you going to move your protest to a park near the White House, as well as near the individual Obama 2012 campaign headquarters in States?

We know the Occupiers won’t. They are simply an organ of the Left, out there with the same old gripes, with some sexual assault thrown in. 99% of them will be out in the streets advocating for the re-election of Obama. 99% of them will vote the straight Democrat ticket in November 2012, and cheer if Obama is re-elected. And, if a Republican wins, 99% of them will suddenly appear in front of the White House to protest, something they won’t do to Obama.

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