Bitterly Clinging

We make a point of subscribing to liberal blogs, because our curiosity and befuddlement about their ideas is genuine. We really do seek to understand, here. We occasionally will let one of these go when the feed seeks only to aggravate and does nothing to educate; we just dropped The Young Turks off our YouTube channel. But even the ones who are just out there to dispense phony arguments that regular-Joe liberals can use against conservatives in casual settings — the kinds of chestnuts where you dig into them, just a little tiny bit, and you find out you weren’t supposed to do any research on this at all, it was just a cool sound bite to be thrown out at a kegger or over the Thanksgiving dinner table. We still study these, to get a reading on how progressives think.

So we keep subscribing to Ed Darrell, whose computer data has apparently been lost to oblivion or at least placed in jeopardy. Last night he thought he’d announce to the world that he is having trouble signing on to Carbonite because…

So he can continue to slavishly devote himself to his proper progressive ideology, or he can keep things working. Reminds me of the old Vaudeville skit where the mugger pulls a gun on a guy and yells “Your money or your life!” and after a long pause, the mugging victim mutters “I’m thinking, I’m thinking…”

Just about every conservative who has attended and managed to succeed in college has learned to do what he can’t bring himself to do here. Actually, every conservative who’s watched teevee long enough to see Our Holy Replacement Jesus Man-God President pop on with some public service announcement…you need to bend and flex, in ways this lefty blogger cannot. It becomes just part of living life. If you have to put up with a smarmy lefty to get something done, then you just do it so the thing gets done; if it’s that unpleasant of an experience, then hurry up let’s get it over with. Progs are not placed in this situation too often, and when they are, we see now how they react. One cannot help but wonder what kind of data is supposed to be protected here. Limbaugh’s smug mug is sufficient to stop the idea in its tracks, that the data might be worth saving?

So yes, this is why we subscribe to liberal blogs. Just like Michael Savage says, it is a mental disorder. Think about what liberal ideas do; they work a lot like Carbonite, except your “on-line service” is the government and you are required to enroll. Much of the time, the government is run by conservatives, and it seems the resulting conundrum is something the liberal just simply ignores and blocks out, from long-term memory, short-term memory and present conscious experience. Very typical behavior for mental disorders.

If it is one, then we all need to be studying it, for it is wrecking our lives, and our childrens’ lives, along with those of the progs. They want to create a perfect world filled with understanding and egalitarianism and compromise, in which everybody’s opinion is important and everybody counts. And then not live in it. Ostracizing everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Reminds me of that weird, goofy dream/nightmare I had in that hot summer night when the last presidential election campaign was in full swing, about the tiny fortress with the strict rules and the high walls. Those who exile end up exiling themselves.

Update: You know, it’s worth pondering here — Darrell did have a legitimate reason for putting up this observation. It is absurd to think he stands alone, among the left-leaning, in nurturing a new reluctance to become a Carbonite client and it is equally absurd to think Carbonite did not anticipate this. Obviously, someone in marketing made a “three steps forward and one step back” decision.

Perhaps what we are seeing here is solid evidence that conservatives and liberals think about data protection in entirely different ways. If I ever lose faith in my own data protection measures, which is doubtful, and an on-line protection plan started to look like a good idea, there is no liberal countenance you could put up on that web site that would slow me down even a little tiny bit. Heck, put Nancy Pelosi up there. I’d just click the button a little faster to get past it.

It’s my [insert your own expletive]-ing data. My data is time. It’s time I spent on the [another expletive] computer, that I could have been spending doing something else. I’m not screwing around here.

Could we conclude that, generally speaking, the most strident liberals haven’t got much use for backups? Hmmmm…there’s a thought. They do seem to be enamored with how ideas resonate, much more than they are with how those ideas are remembered. They don’t seem to care a whole lot that something sounding good today might sound comical tomorrow. “We Are The Change We Have Been Waiting For!” comes to mind as an example, although there are many others.

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