He Performed 1,200 Abortions-Says This Video He Made Will Make Anyone Pro-Life!

He Performed 1,200 Abortions-Says This Video He Made Will Make Anyone Pro-Life!

We like stories of redemption, and some of the most moving ones you’ll find come from people who worked in the abortion industry and got out when their consciences just got the better of them.

Dr. Anthony Levatino is one such individual. And he’s now telling the truth about what abortion really is.

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Lila Rose believes if Americans had to face the reality of abortion, they would become pro-life overnight. She announced last night that she has teamed up with former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino to launch a new website bringing the medical facts of how abortions take place to every American.

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AbortionProcedures.com, which went online this morning, is precisely what it says it is. The new website features Dr. Levatino, who has performed more than 1,200 abortions, describing the most common methods of abortion as each one is depicted in animation.

“These videos were peer reviewed by doctors and medical professionals,” Lila Rose told LifeSiteNews during a call last night.

Each of the videos lasts three to four minutes and details the facts of the procedure and the medical risks associated with them.

There are no graphic photographs of bloody babies; all the videos consist solely of animation. Dr. Levatino’s descriptions contain little emotional fodder. His delivery is matter-of-fact, bordering on antiseptic, as he calmly describes mothers flushing their children down toilets after taking RU-486.

“The woman will often sit on a toilet as she prepares to expel the child, which she will then flush,” he says in the video on medical abortion, discussing the use of the abortion pill during the first seven weeks of pregnancy. “She may even see her dead baby within the pregnancy sac…and if she looks carefully, she might be able to count the fingers and toes.”

Most people don’t have a clue what abortion entails, and in truth they don’t even want to know. While that’s certainly understandable, ignorance of abortion procedures doesn’t lead to an informed debate on the subject.

That is, of course, what the pro-abortion folks want. If you actually know what you’re supporting in this care, you might well be less likely to support it.

And that’s what Levatino is working to dispel. Here’s an example of what he’s doing.

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