She Started Flirting With Border Police… Then THIS Happened

She Started Flirting With Border Police… Then THIS Happened

This Mexican-born Instragram model had a secret, and in efforts to cross the border into the United States undetected, she started to flirt with the patrol officers, but her excessiveness made the officers grow suspicious– then this happened next…


When they pulled the model over and searched her Mercedes-Benz, they found $134,000 worth of cocaine hidden inside.

The 39-year-old model, Anett Pikula, who now lives in Phoenix, Arizona was trying to smuggle 13 pounds of cocaine in United States from Mexico past the border guards.

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But while she tried to cross the border into Lukeville, Arizona the sexy drug mule was caught.

During the regular inspection, the Instagram model was “overly talkative” causing border patrol officers to initiate a thorough search. They found the drugs and charged the woman with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

“Flirtation was what was going on,” said Customs and Border Protection spokesman Garret Reinhart. This behavior made them suspicious.

A drug dog quickly found the cocaine stash during Pikula’s second search. Bricks of the potent white powder were found in a hidden compartment in the engine firewall.

Pikula acquired her US citizenship in April 2015 three months before she was caught trafficking cocaine. She also gained a reputation for modeling in exotic places around the world wearing two-piece bikinis and other scantily clad outfits.

Life is good, she has a huge following, and contracts… why risk it? It is that hard to just choose to do right? Sigh…

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