Libs Sneer at Men Who Grieve for Their Aborted Children

Progressives are at their most depraved and nakedly evil when expressing their contempt for human life. The concept of sympathy cards for men who lose children to abortion has induced liberal blogger Amanda Marcotte to cough up this clot of bile:

Anti-choicers [are] pretending that they just discovered they oppose abortion because it violates men’s rights over their uterine property (established by the “poke it/own it” law laid down in beer commercials).

It’s not about a child’s life; it’s about who “owns” a woman’s uterus, according to the left’s bizarre and heartless politics.

The charming Marcotte (formerly John Edwards’s official blogger) sneeringly offers some sympathy cards of her own, like this one.

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It doesn’t get any better in the comments section. Here’s a gem:

If a man tried to pull that crap with me, I’d tell him that if he cares about the embryo so much then he should get to work on inventing a way to transfer the pregnancy into his own body. Oh, you don’t really want this thing to leech off your body for several months? Well, I don’t either.


I think that the special sort of douchebag who would get all butthurt because his sperm was rejected is probably likely to have behaved like a complete and utter cock before the decision to abort, which may have been a big contributing factor to having the procedure done.

Darwin would be pleased to note that their own ideology mercifully prevents those who frequent blogs like Marcotte’s from reproducing.

Amanda Marcotte, an example of what moonbats have instead of women.

More at David Thompson. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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