Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Tony La Russa

The St. Louis Cardinals’ Tony La Russa isn’t just one of the greatest managers in the history of baseball. He’s a true American, with the spine to defy the liberal establishment by speaking in favor of freedom of expression and the rule of law. Here he is standing with supporters of Arizona’s SB1070:

Predictably, the libs dominating the sports media are squawking like wet hens as they resort to typically underhanded — you might even say vile — propaganda tactics. Raves Jon Paul Morosi:

Despite winning nearly 5,000 games, Tony La Russa doesn’t get it. …based on remarks he made this week, it’s apparent that he’s out of touch with the multicultural group of men responsible for his forthcoming trip to Cooperstown. …

Fans are usually charmed by leaders who speak their mind, and La Russa often does. But he should have punted on this one. Baseball prides itself on welcoming players of every creed and color. …

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And lest we forget: The Cardinals employ Albert Pujols, one of the finest players — Latino or otherwise — in the game’s history.

Unless Pujols is an illegal alien, he was right when he said of the issue, “It’s not my business.” But of course, libs want to convince us that enforcing immigration law oppresses all Hispanics. If you dare speak in favor of sovereignty and rule of law, then you are a RACIST!

If the moonbats peddling this hogwash don’t know any better, they are idiots. Otherwise they are liars.

Morosi specifically criticizes La Russa for not being a coward:

La Russa is a very smart man. He should have realized the weight of what he said on Tuesday. But rather than taking the humble approach — backpedal like hell, as a courtesy to his Latino players — he merely clarified his explanation.

The only brake on the road to totalitarianism is real men willing to say what they really think while trained lapdogs like Morosi nip at their ankles for not conforming to groupthink. Once again La Russa has earned the highest kudos.

On tips from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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