Satanists: Pro-Life Laws Violate Our Religious Beliefs

Conservatives have often said that the sin of abortion is a sacrament in the upside-down world of liberalism. Now moonbats provide confirmation:

The New York-based “Satanic Temple” is filing a federal lawsuit against Missouri, claiming that state laws restricting abortion violate their “free exercise” of Satanism.

The suit identifies abortion as an essential religious duty for Satanists.

Missouri’s “informed consent” law educates women about the facts of abortion and what’s going on inside her body, and its 72-hour waiting period between initial contact and the major surgery of abortion is intended to give mothers time to think the information over before having irreversible, elective surgical procedure.

The individual that the Satanists are using to bring their lawsuit, “Mary Doe,” went to the St. Louis Planned Parenthood pregnant, and submitted a letter stating that her religious beliefs in Satanism require no informed consent and no waiting period before abortion.

Actually the main legal argument is not that killing your own child is a sacrament per se, but that calling the child a child violates their faith.

The federal lawsuit, filed Tuesday, says the Constitution’s freedom of religion includes the “Freedom to Believe When Human Life Begins,” regardless of the scientific facts, medical information and basic biology presented in Missouri’s “informed consent” materials.

Progressives love science; except when they don’t.

The National Catholic Register noted, “At the moment of conception, the unborn child has a unique DNA. That’s science…It seems to me we all knew which side of the abortion debate Satan was rooting for. I just didn’t think it would take him this long to find a lawyer.”

It wouldn’t take him long to find admirers among the pro-abortion crowd:

The rise of Satanism among pro-abortionists includes a group of abortion supporters chanted “Hail Satan!” at the Texas statehouse last July, during debate on abortion restrictions. In another instance, a Planned Parenthood supporter who disrupted a city council meeting, yelling, “All Hail Satan” as he was escorted out.

At another time, a pro-abortion activist who held a sign reading, “Hail Satan. Abort Everyone.”

If abortion is a sacrament, it isn’t the only one in the liberal liturgy:

Satanic Temple founder Doug Mesner told Detroit’s Metro Times that he would like to help abolish pro-life laws on the basis of Satanic religious beliefs. He added that gay “marriage” is a Satanic “sacrament.”

Others join Satanists in draping liberalism in the superficial trappings of religion:

Abortion has become a “tenet” of official religious belief among Satanists, as well as adherents to “the Church of Euthanasia,” which boasts its one commandment as “Thou shalt not procreate.” The “Four Pillars” of the Church of Euthanasia are suicide, abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy, according to one ad.

Its logo states, “Save the planet; Kill yourself.”

These folks engender friendly feelings among their likeminded fellow travelers in the liberal establishment:

Gawker Media’s feminist blog, Jezebel, in reporting about the lawsuit, stated, “God bless and keep the Satanic Temple.”

The lunacy of pretending that all religions are equal should be obvious without even bringing Islam into the discussion.

Progressives would like you to kill your baby for Satan.

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