Professor’s Manifesto Calls for Terrorism to Impose Vegan “Abolitionism”

No wonder people like Obama want all Americans to go to college, regardless of whether they can afford it or it makes any sense for them personally or professionally. The leftist brainwashing taking place on college campuses is beyond anything you will see even from the media. Beliefs and attitudes are being installed by people like Professor Steven Best of the University of Texas at El Paso, whom the Chronicle of Higher Education describes as “one of the leading scholarly voices on animal rights.” He is the author of Manifesto for Radical Abolitionism: By Any Means Necessary, excerpted below:

As they evolved, it became increasingly obvious that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and other groups emulated the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to become corporate behemoths and mainstream machines. Increasingly co-opted and compromised, animal rights groups frequently worked with, rather than against, the exploitation industries in order to regulate, not eliminate, the ongoing nonhuman animal holocaust.

Even PETA kooks are considered too reasonable in the fever swamps of academia.

In direct response to the wretched reformism and opportunism of bureaucratic ‘welfarism,’ a new movement emerged to reconstruct nonhuman animal advocacy unequivocally as a struggle for animal rights, not ‘welfare’; for the total abolition of nonhuman animal slavery rather than its regulation; and for veganism, not ‘humane’ animal-derived products of any kind.

That’s his goal: Abolition. It means everyone must be forced to be a vegan; no animal products of any kind are to be allowed. Presumably it also means no making dogs wear leashes, no making fish stay in fish tanks, et cetera.

Don’t call Professor Best crazy; he has nothing but supercilious contempt for the “ableist implications of crude dichotomies of sane/insane and rational/irrational.”

The problem for Best et al. is how to deal with what he calls “necrovores.” Other moonbats incur his wrath by suggesting that animal rights lunacy stay within the confines of the law. Best holds to the communist maxim that you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs (although breaking eggs would of course be illegal under Abolitionism):

We recognize the need for radical social change and we understand that the fight against speciesism, capitalism, the state, and hierarchy in all forms will be waged on many different fronts simultaneously. We seek to reinvigorate a movement sold-out by corporate opportunists and paralyzed by pacifists who sympathize with the latent ‘humanity’ of oppressors and demonize the militant wing of animal liberation, a perverse inversion of loyalties and misguided sentiments manifested in the Stockholm Syndrome mindset evident in the mindset of fundamentalist pacifists who enjoin activists to respect the humanity of murderous oppressors as they demonize and vilify militant liberationists.

We cannot stop the speciesist and corporate war on nonhuman animals and the planet with blogging, leafleting, tabling, and recipe books alone. Capitalism is inherently destructive, and change will never come solely through education and persuasion, nor without a movement more powerful than the agents and institutions of omnicidal destruction.

That means: prepare for physical violence, speciesist necrovores!

Propaganda is great, but it isn’t enough by itself:

Thus, we need education and agitation, mainstream and militant tactics, peaceful resistance and confrontation and sabotage, and aboveground/legal and underground/illegal means of weakening speciesist capitalism.

“Militant tactics” is a euphemism for terrorism.

While we support the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front, and defend the importance of economic sabotage, we also recognize that property destruction is only a rear-guard and minor means of resistance that has to yield to a broad social movement. Still, it remains an important ‘sometimes seemingly the only’ means of resistance against the capitalist property system, and merits support as we simultaneously work toward building political alliances on a global scale and in an unprecedentedly broad and inclusive way.

Imagine a single planetary government run by totalitarian vegan communists. That’s what he means by “global scale.”

We endorse a form of abolition that (1) defends the use of high-pressure direct action tactics, along with illegal raids, rescues [i.e. freeing animals from labs, zoos, etc.], and sabotage attacks; (2) views capitalism as an inherently irrational, exploitative, and destructive system, and sees the state as a corrupt tool whose function is to advance the economic and military interests of the corporate domination system and to repress opposition to its agenda; (3) has a broad, critical understanding of how different forms of oppression are interrelated, seeing human animal, nonhuman animal, and earth liberation as inseparable projects; and, thus, (4) promotes an anti-capitalist alliance politics with other rights, justice, and liberation movements who share the common goal of dismantling all systems of hierarchical domination and rebuilding societies through decentralization and democratization processes.

Of course, this isn’t just about animals, any more than global warming malarkey is just about the weather.

We must link the liberation of other animals to human and Earth liberation, and build a revolutionary movement strong enough to vanquish capitalist hegemony and to remake society without the crushing loadstones of anthropocentrism, speciesism, patriarchy, racism, classism, statism, heterosexism, ableism, and every other pernicious form of hierarchical domination.

You tax dollar is subsidizing this sort of explicitly malevolent lunacy from one end of the country to the other.

Professor Steven Worst: Insane, malevolent, teaching your kids on your dime.

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