Recruits Pro-Abortion Muscle

Attention moonbats: Comrade Obama has called upon volunteers to serve; volunteering is so important, Dems would like to make it mandatory. Now you have a chance to serve Chairman Zero in the most progressive way possible, by facilitating the liberal sacrament of abortion on his behalf. The nation’s largest abortion mill Planned Parenthood is recruiting muscle through the Moonbat Messiah’s Lisa Stauber reports:

Earlier this week, Breitbart’s BigGovernment site outed as promoting volunteer opportunities at the beleagured ACORN. Those posts have since been scrubbed, but I wondered what other opportunities this administration might be promoting.

Typing in the keyword “health” and selecting “Houston” brought up Planned Parenthood‘s need for volunteers to protect clients from the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil participants. Their job? Make sure prolife protestors don’t speak or give any information to women seeking abortions at the clinic.

We wouldn’t want Planned Parenthood to have to dip into its record profits or massive public financing to pay its goons.

Hat tips: The Blogprof, Jill Stanek. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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