A View Of Barack Obama: The Right vs. The Left

When I look at Barack Obama, I see a stunningly naive, cowardly, dishonest, vindictive, arrogant, hyper-partisan empty suit, who has gotten as far as he has mainly because he’s black, gives a good speech, and was extraordinarily lucky in his timing. This is a man who rose to the absolute pinnacle of power in American politics, at: a very young age, with an almost non-existent record of accomplishment behind him.

Because he’s black and liberal, he gets kid glove treatment from the press, the media, and Hollywood. Because he has large majorities in the House and Senate, he has still never had to actually lead, even as President. Other people craft the legislation, he gives a speech, and then he waits for his sycophants in the press to talk about how wonderful he is and what terrible racists his political opponents happen to be.

Beyond the fact that he gives a good speech and looks great with his shirt off, I don’t find Obama to be a particularly impressive guy. He’s not someone who’s competent enough to run a business. He seems completely over-his-head as Commander-In-Chief. His views on domestic policy are proven failures that are so foolish and wrongheaded, that they literally threaten the continued success of the United States as a nation. This is a man who seems far better suited to be yet another liberal college professor than the President of the United States.

That is how I view Barack Obama and most conservatives probably agree with me.

Now, here’s liberal columnist Richard Cohen on our unicorn-riding savior in the White House:

Perfection may be President Obama’s biggest flaw

If, as the saying goes, the perfect is the enemy of the good, then Barack Obama is his own worst enemy. That becomes clear in the upcoming HBO documentary “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama,” which is the product of many months of behind-the-scenes access to Obama during the presidential campaign. It reveals that Barack Obama is pretty close to the most perfect person you will never get to know.

This is what he does not do in the course of the primary and general election campaigns: He does not lose his temper. He does not curse. He does not follow a pretty woman with his eyes or sneak a smoke. He does not dress sloppily. He is always calm and always good-natured and gets emotional only once – the day his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, the woman who in effect raised him, died in Hawaii. At a campaign event in North Carolina, he expressed his love and gratitude. He cried and, watching, I did, too.

What’s striking about this inside look at Obama is how being inside gets you nowhere. It is virtually the same as being outside. What’s also striking about this movie is its lack of arc. Obama is always golden, always going to win and always does. His issue, if it can be called that, is himself. He is something new, something young, something biracial and something black, but he is not something from a political or ideological constituency. He is adored by his fans – the directors, Amy Rice and Alicia Sams, included – not for something he’s done, but rather for something he is.

Rather than comment on that deification of Barack Obama, let me just tell you to show this post to your non-political friends when they ask you why liberals and conservatives can’t ever seem to agree on anything.

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