Woman Reveals What Lay Beneath Her Palm, Liberals Livid!

Woman Reveals What Lay Beneath Her Palm, Liberals Livid!

Life begins at inception… period. Tiffany Burns, unfortunately, lost her baby at 11 weeks. She says her son’s heart beat for 11 weeks and 2 days before he passed away. She took pictures of the baby who was held in her husband’s palm. So tiny and perfect… surely he would have been a beautiful little wonder. In her grief and loss, she wanted to show the world that, yes… her son did live and have a brief life, just as all unborn and premature babies do. To abort is to murder.


From LifeSiteNews:

MIDLOTHIAN, TX, August 4, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – In January, Tiffany Burns experienced a pain that could drive the strongest woman, or man, into despression. At 11 weeks into her pregnancy, the expectant mother lost her baby. But she has chosen to use his death to proclaim the reality of life, posting a Facebook picture of baby Ezekiel that is going viral.

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“This is my hand, holding my sweet baby, Ezekiel,” she wrote on the July 29 message accompanying the photograph of the tiny baby nestled in her left palm.

“I delivered him on January 20, 2016,” she wrote.

Although “his heart stopped at 11 weeks, 2 days,” she wanted readers to have no doubt that “he had a heartbeat – such a sweet sound.”


“He had life!” she wrote triumphantly. “He was not a blob. He was not just a clump of cells.” Tiffiny pronounced her child “perfect,” from “his sweet fingers” to his toes. And he was. He had a heart beat, brain function and a soul. She calls him her sweet little missionary. That although he did not survive, he has a message for the world and it is one of life… to save the unborn and premature. And I think she is right. It also speaks to saving premature babies… all life matters and counts. Ezekiel’s voice will be heard now forever even though he did not live long enough to speak his first word. Tremendous good will come from this sorrow.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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